The 19 thing is not conducive to health

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The 19 thing is not conducive to health

Postby mumu252033 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:59 pm

1 stack was up first

The human body itself - as a source of pollution. After a night of sleep, the skin of the human body will emit a lot of water vapor, so that different level land affected with damp. The respiratory and systemic distribution of the pores of the emission of chemical substances have 145?? from the evaporation of sweat are 151 kinds of chemical substances. Quilts absorbed or adsorbed water and gases, such as not to let it radiate, immediately diebei,buy nfl jerseys china easy to make quilts from moisture and pollution by chemical substances.

2 do not eat breakfast

Do not eat breakfast are usually irregular diet, easy to feel tired, dizzy, after a considerable period of time will cause malnutrition, anemia, reduced resistance, and will produce the pancreas, gall stone.

3 after the pine belt

After loosen belt can make the intra-abdominal pressure drops, digestive activity and load of the ligament increased, which prompted the intestine peristalsis aggravate, prone to volvulus, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, vomiting, make the person, is also susceptible to diseases such as gastric ptosis.

4 after a meal or sleep

After a meal or sleep can make the brain blood flow to the stomach, due to lower blood pressure, brain oxygen supply is reduced, resulting in extremely tired after dinner, easy cause heartburn and indigestion, still can get fat. If the blood supply has been inadequate, then fell down to sleep after a meal, this static state, easily lead to a stroke.

5 Gorge

Repletion easily lead to memory decline, slow thinking, attention is not centered, weakening the ability of stress. Regular Baoshi, especially satiety supper, the caloric intake too much, will make excess body fat, increased blood lipids, leading to cerebral atherosclerosis. Would cause a "fibroblasts growth factor " of the material in the brain of tens of thousands of times growth, this is a kind of arteriosclerosis protein. Cerebral arteriosclerosis result can lead to cerebral hypoxia and lack of nutrition, affect brain cells the new supersedes the old., regular Baoshi, but also evoked gallstones, cholecystitis, diabetes and other diseases, making people prematurely senile, shortened life expectancy.

6 fasting blood sugar

Increasing evidence, fasting sugar hobby longer, on a variety of protein absorption damage degree. Because the protein is the basis of life activities, and therefore long-term fasting sugar, will affect all kinds of normal body function, so that the body becomes so weak shortened life expectancy.

7 eat salty food

Sodium stranded in the human body, easy to create or aggravate hypertension and heart diseases.

8 mustaches

Beard with the absorption of harmful material performance. When people inhale, the beard was in the absorption of harmful substances is likely to be inhaled into the respiratory tract. According to the bearded man inhaled air composition quantitative analysis, found that the inlet air containing dozens of harmful substances, including phenol, toluene, acetone, isopropyl asked diene and other carcinogens, bearded man inhaled air pollution index, is 4.2 times the ordinary air. If the jaw have beards and mustaches, pollution index, which can be as high as 7.2 times. Coupled with factors such as smoking, pollution index will be as high as 50 times the ordinary air.

9 cross-legged

Cross your legs will flow impeded the leg, health effects. If venous aneurysm, arthritis, neuralgia, venous thrombosis, who will make legs more serious illness. Especially the leg length or pregnant women, it is easy for venous thrombosis.

10 things, rub eyes squint.

Miyan look at things, canthus fishtail wrinkle prone. Customary Miyan also can make the eye muscle fatigue, confusion headache. Rub the eyes, the bacteria by hand infectious eye, leading to inflammation, broken or falling lashes.

11 Qiangren urine

Qiangren urine may cause acute cystitis, frequent urination, urinary pain, pain and other symptoms of abdominal distention. The United States scientists released a research report pointed out, there are holding back the habits of people and cockroaches. Possibility is higher than average person 5 times. When the bladder urine, the urine can not be discharged in time, form artificial urinary retention. If often hold, will make the sphincter and detrusor often is in nervous condition; if the hold time is too long, the bladder urine volume increases ceaselessly, will make the pressure gradually increased, a long time will be the occurrence of bladder neck obstruction symptoms, caused difficulty in urination, not free, or leakage of urine, urinary incontinence problems. Yi also cause urinary retention in concurrent infections and stones, also seriously affect kidney function.

12 Fuan nap

Most people in Fuan nap after temporary blurred vision, the reason is that the eyeball by oppression, cause corneal deformation, curvature change caused by. If the daily oppression of the eye, will cause excessive intraocular pressure, the long run eyesight can be damaged.

13 prone sleep

Curved spine prone to sleep, muscles and ligaments increase pressure, so that when people sleep, still not rest. In addition, will also increase the chest, heart, lungs and face the pressure, leading to wake up the back of the swelling, the eyes bloodshot.

14 bedtime do not wash your face

In the face of the cosmetics do not wash, can cause acne and needle such as inflammation, can also cause eye irritation, skin allergy reaction induced by.

15 before going to bed without brushing their teeth

Brush your teeth before going to bed after getting up is more important than brushing your teeth, this is because the left in the mouth and teeth on the bacteria, residues at night on teeth, dental age have strong corrosion.

Sleep late 16

To sleep late in the cerebral cortex inhibition time is too long, after a considerable period of time, can cause a certain degree of human brain dysfunction, resulting in comprehension and memory loss, but also decreased immune function, disrupt the body 's biological rhythm, make people lazy, generating inert, while the muscles, joints and urologic adverse. In addition, poor blood circulation, systemic GDNF delivery not seasonable, will also affect the new supersedes the old. As a result of the doors and windows closed at night to sleep, the morning of indoor air pollution, love bed very easy for the cold, cough and other respiratory diseases.

17 hot water bath time

In tap water, chloroform and three chlorinated alkene is easy to volatilize harmful substances in water, as in an ice bath when the water droplets have more chance to contact with the air, thus making this two kinds of harmful substances released many. According to the collected data is displayed, if using the hot tub, only 25% of the chloroform and 40% three allyl chloride is released into the air; and the hot water bath, released into the air of chloroform to reach 50%, three allyl chloride up to 80%.


* * is harmful to a person's physical and mental health, is because the government itself is a strong stimulation, long-term sex, can make the central nervous system in long-term in a state of high tension, easily lead to increased secretion of LH, vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, heart rate and breathing to accelerate, will increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease, but also suffered from digestive ulcer and tension headache.

19 life stress

Engaged in mental work and do business with some young people, their living machine in day of the overload, because they are in the psychological sense of competitive, in physiological and psychological aspects are under great pressure. Excessive mental and physical labor, followed by fatigue and disease prevention ability abate, which may cause a variety of diseases.
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