Outdoor hiking shoes also have learned

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Outdoor hiking shoes also have learned

Postby mumu252033 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:15 pm

The right shoes can prevent foot blisters and heel of the foot.

Put the shoes as a big problem to research, many people will surely a contemptuous disregard, tie a piece of cake, I would have been. Indeed, in this world a normal man, not " will " shoelace. But for outdoor sports or hiking, we will address the different hiking shoes, to introduce several better, more comfortable methods shoelace.

Ankle protection safety principles the principles applicable to rocks and branches in full lot on foot, this area has a very sharp sticks and stones, if you put the shoelaces tight, the tongue will top the ankle area, block may prick you sticks and stones. In the following two steps to do, would guarantee the shoelace is comfortable and practical.

Quick hook

As usual around the top hook, and then the laces cross, then runs around the hook line into 8 fonts.

Through the shoelace holes

B1. in each string on a ring, put them over the top of the metal hole plug.

B2. the shoelace end through a shoelace buckle, tension, as shown in the figure on the left side of mountaineering boots. Ankle foot comfort principle

The shoelace tightening can not only protect the heel, but also greatly reduce the grinding bubble may. However, doing so may also be oppressed toes, in long time exercise but also scratches the instep pad, particularly uncomfortable boots easier so. cheap nfl jerseys Following the two methods enable you to easily adjust the toe and ankle tension, play a protective role, do not impede blood circulation.

Appropriate tightness

C1. will be adjusted to the proper degree of tightness. In front of the ankle, two laces cross winding several times.

C2. even if you take the ankle pulled very tight, the front part of the foot should also maintain a loose. Remember, when you wear thick socks, need to adjust the foot? A Yasuo?

Double lacing

As of may preferably prepared two laces or take them broken into two parts, the upper and lower ends are fastened boots. This hierarchical structure can make you according to the different situations of different elastic strategy. If you want the ankle relatively tight can be fastened on the part of the shoelace, as if feeling the sole part is crowded, may be appropriately placed Panasonic sections of shoelace
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