The suspect posing as Mrs. Li Zongren adopted son

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The suspect posing as Mrs. Li Zongren adopted son

Postby qyu612v8s5n7 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:56 am

A man with gab,, brag in Guangxi no matter failed.He then pretends to be the regional public security department deputy director, one would say his wife is former Kuomintang generals Li Zongren and adopted son, even boasted of their uncle is the vice president of Malaysia,moncler.
.....However, this is absurd identity, it also has many people on his when, be most willing to pay to ask him for help.In the short span of two months,he never spend I to, he has been cheated out of 330000 yuan.In April 16th,moncler, Cai Mou on suspicion of fraud is Nanning police arrest.
The opening hoggery boss posing as director at the end of 2007, Rongxian County's CAI to Nanning Municipal Xianhu Development Zone five and the community had a pig farm, with a piece of have a glib mouth, where he is also quite popular, and met frequently to his farm in Yongning electric power company electricity fee of hu.
Every Hu Moulai receive charge of electricity, Cai Mou Association and he talked about "metaphysics" and Feng shui.The CAI Mouqiao mouth said, Hu believe firmly, and introduces some understanding of his friend Zhang cai.
As a teacher Zhang, invite a gang Cai Feng Shui, choose a good time.In 2009 September, CAI and Zhang, Hu eat together.During the banquet,moncler, Cai Mou pulled a work permit, work permit out on display: Cai Mou is a municipality public security bureau deputy director of the office of!In this regard, Cai Mou to explain, he previously in the District Department of public security work, has now been unpaid leave.
Subsequently,moncler outlet, Cai Mou depress voice says: in Guangxi, there is no he can't do it.Then, Cai Mou "revealed": now, the Yulin City Public Security Bureau has a civil service ended, without examination, intends to give 110000 yuan on it.
Just, Zhang's nephew Zhang Moumou graduated from the Academy for three or four years, but has not found a job.Two days later, Zhang took 110000 yuan, and the nephew of the copy of graduation certificate for CAI mou.
Cai a write receipt paixiong Fu said: guarantee for two months to do,moncler, or a full refund.The episode the invited person to become a shareholder do "legitimate Liuhe color" a week later, Cai Mou called Zhang, said Hongkong Jockey Club Liuhe color has been approved by the central, in Guangzhou has been in operation for a year, now ready in Nanning development branch, need 5000000 of the funds, he has 3000000 yuan, hope Zhang shares,doudoune moncler, 200000 yuan per share.
To dispel Zhang concerns, Cai Mou says, he has a cousin in the autonomous region of the National People's Congress, also becomes a shareholder, and that the government participation and support of the people, nothing to worry about,.
Then, with his friend Zhang Xu, two people entered into a partnership.The shark is caught by the police in 2009 11 at the end of the month,a man drove his car, Cai Mou said he was in Malaysia when the vice president's uncle to Nanning investigation, mainly have a look red bean planting project, asked Zhang et al have no interest to accompany,the remaining four.
Then, Cai Mou reached to Zhang, a fee of $5000 each to the guest.However, Zhang to wait, also do not see "vice president" here.The two month period is coming,, but Zhang nephew work or do not have assured source, Zhang began to suspect that CAI mou,.
At this time, Cai Mou says things done,doudoune moncler, he agreed to refund money,moncler, but have to wait a few days.After a week, Zhang again on the CAI Mou, found a mobile phone has arrears down cai.Until this time, Zhang knew that he has been deceived.
Receiving Zhang et al report, the end of year 3, police in Rongxian County will be entirely captured.Arrested after a confession, Cai, perhaps because he can see feng shui, also can talk, so everyone believe him.
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