Can not just eat the food , you know

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Can not just eat the food , you know

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= ' N △ mango is bleeding, menstruation do not eat; otherwise you will have uterine fibroids N n n
△ chives have aphrodisiac effect, the child can not eat. n
△ pumpkin with a boost, the role of Zhichuan, high blood pressure who can not eat.
△ mustard, fennel, garlic sprouts, garlic, onion, bell pepper with temperature in the fever of the people can not eat.
△ yam, Potato has the role of qi, insomnia who can not eat.
△ purslane, taro, bitter gourd, potherb heat effect, impotence who can not eat. the
△ eggplant, lentils, cowpeas, snow peas, edamame has a gas line, diarrhea, people can not eat.
△ toon has a tranquilizing effect, people can not eat in agile work.
△ cauliflower, Lily has the role of Yin, edema of the people can not eat. Sour
△ spinach, bamboo shoots, Tonghaosu role, constipation can not eat.
△ shepherd's purse, water spinach, lily with hemostasis thrombosis can not eat.
△ amaranth, cabbage has a role in the blood, blood viscosity can not eat. the
△ celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, rape, lettuce, wild rice, vegetables, bamboo shoots, melon, Hulu Gua has a diuretic effect, diabetes, high blood pressure, dry mouth, people can not eat.
△ parsley with sweating, sweat and more people can not eat,Parajumpers Jakke. △ Ganoderma lucidum, bamboo shoots, seaweed has the role of phlegm, cancer patients can not eat.
△ mushrooms, black fungus, white fungus, Umbilicaria the ear with diarrhea, diarrhea can not eat.
△ loofah, fern, aloe vera has the role of blood cancer patients can not eat. However, many people eat, so get that sick; sick after you eat, and therefore can not be cured.
△ walnut is impotence, but cancer patients do not eat; otherwise lumps will grow up.
△ loquat, ginkgo is a cough, but not cough, do not eat; otherwise dizziness bloating.
△ lychee warm, but cancer patients do not eat; otherwise lumps will grow up.
△ jujube is qi, but not tired not to eat; otherwise insomnia.
△ olives, Mangosteen away heat, but the impotence of young people do not eat; otherwise you will penis weakness. △ citron, bergamot is a line of gas, but not bloating do not eat; otherwise you will loose stool.
△ longan is a tranquilizer, but tired of people not to eat; otherwise lethargy.
△ lemon is Yin, but cancer patients do not eat; otherwise lumps will edema. the
△ banana, oranges, oranges, cherries, persimmons, pomegranates, red bayberry,North Face UK, star fruit, papaya, lotus, mangosteen, diarrhea, constipation do not eat; otherwise it will be more constipation.
△ mango is to stop the bleeding, but people do not eat menstruation; otherwise you will have uterine fibroids. of
△ acid vine fruit is the blood, but not to eat blood viscosity; otherwise occurs thrombosis.
△ watermelon, melon, grapes, oranges, kiwi, pineapple, water chestnut, strawberry is a diuretic, but hypertension, diabetes, people do not eat; otherwise it will increase blood viscosity.
△ coconut water is the solution table, but not cold people do not eat; otherwise sweating Shangyin. the
△ kumquat, grapefruit, water chestnuts, peanuts are phlegm, but cancer patients do not eat; otherwise it will cause lumps ulceration.
△ pears,North Face Jacket, bananas, figs, Sang Shenzi, pine nuts, tamarind purgative, but the chronic colitis who do not eat; than otherwise hole diarrhea. the
△ peach, chestnut, Ficus pumila fruit is the blood, but cancer patients do not eat; otherwise it will cause mass transfer. the
△ Torreya son, hazelnut, betel nut is the insecticide, but hepatitis patients do not eat; otherwise it will cause liver damage. Some people say the peaches grantor apricot wounding, under the plum to bury Xinfen, seems peach safest. Wrong, since ancient times, the medicinal properties of apples peace, the most suitable for general use. n


the n

tomatoes. the

in the United States, almost every family tomatoes, tomatoes, purpose shall cancer. This is just 5,6 years ago, they know. Eat tomatoes shall not cancer, you know? Not uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. This not just eat tomatoes, I ask you, how to eat tomatoes? Some people say, that is not easy to wash raw chanting. Also slice put sugar, then drink beer. If it is such a food, I tell you, ride it! Not cancer. The tomatoes inside there is something called tomato prime, it combined in one protein, fiber wrapped around hard to come out. So must be heated, heated to a certain extent, to come out. I tell you, fried eggs, tomatoes, the most valuable. There is a good tomato soup, or tomato and egg soup. Raw tomatoes are not cancer, please pay attention. [/ Url]

there garlic
Garlic is the king of cancer. I'm just a how to eat garlic, it was said: that thing too warm to eat. Ye what you are heating? I tell you, garlic warmed zero! Shandong Province, Northeast favorite, a prosthetic to eat, and said not to eat garlic cancer, but few days he served cancer. What is the reason? Now the world knows how to eat garlic, only we do not know. Tell you, the original must first cut it into pieces, a piece of sheet on the air for 15 minutes, it combines with oxygen to produce allicin. Garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer, but cancer of the king. The day I see people eat garlic, he took a bowl, then quickly put the garlic peeling out, a one to eat less than 5 seconds eat inside. Even 5 seconds, the garlic with anything? Not at all. If you do not follow my method, it is quite unlikely that the
garlic flavored Do not be afraid to eat hawthorn, chewing peanuts point, then eat a good taste of tea, no. Foreign week eat, why we eat it! The following stresses

black fungus

[/ url]

black fungus with what effect? Myocardial infarction in a New Year one by one, becoming younger, and has reached the age of 30. Why New Year? For two reasons, one is thickening of the blood coagulation constitution, is fat. As we all remember, called thick blood coagulation constitution. Hypercoagulable physical person plus the hypercoagulable food, so the New Year myocardial infarction particularly large, irrespective of age. Myocardial infarction is no cure, but it is completely preventable. Some doctors tell you take aspirin, and why? Blood is not sticky, not myocardial infarction. But the consequences of what the consequences of aspirin retinal hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage Many people now. I advise you not to eat aspirin. Aspirin is now Europe has not eat, what to eat? Eat black fungus. Black fungus has two roles, one of which is to ensure that the blood is not sticky. The role of black fungus is found, he won the Nobel Prize by the American College of Cardiology expert. He found that after all the Europeans, money and rank eat black fungus, and eat aspirin. What kind of person is the coagulation constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat people, especially menopausal women compatriots. Blood type AB, the easier high coagulation thick. The shorter neck, the easier high coagulation thick. First New Year do not eat Hesse Hu; second drink plenty of tea, blood circulation; third do not get angry, and his blood to thick. Also easy to drink liquor thick blood, drink to drink fruit wine such as lychee wine, red wine, no more than 100 ml. If

you eat peanuts [/ url]

Do not eat, really eat, peel skin to eat. You see we Chinese peanuts, spiced peanuts, fried peanuts, fried peanuts all the skin. You go to Europe to see all peanuts no skin, people know not to eat the skin. Some people say: Who said that, I tell you, no nutritional peanut skin, it can only rule hemagglutination tablets, increased platelets, used to stop bleeding of. Us in the elderly do not eat. There should pay attention to watching TV, good TV to watch a moment, the TV does not look bad. Why? Sat for a long time, hemagglutination degrees will rise. I am particularly worried about what? He was short and thick fat, no neck, still menopause, and AB blood, Hu eat Hesse, then a angry, and drink liquor, finished eating peanuts not skinned, his intolerable myocardial infarction my doctor improperly. The following of

talk about the pollen
Empress Wu eat pollen, the Empress Dowager Cixi eat pollen. As we all know, the pollen is plant sperm, conceived of life, the most abundant nutrient in plants is the best thing. Ancient times, but we ignored it. Please do not buy pollen in the street, street selling pollen crusty, not broken. The Broken have a high-tech processing. Second, the pollen is wild, easily contaminated, should be disinfected. Third, it is a protein, must be desensitized. Pollen must have these three to use: treatment, disinfection, desensitization. Pollen in Japan, with the most powerful, regardless of how old people are using it beauty. French model is not one without it. Literature, pollen cure rate of 97%. Such as pollen cure, medicine can not solve, and finally renal failure, hematuria, and renal tumors. So I had to rule, but do not wait until renal failure. There is also a gastrointestinal disorder, female compatriots and more habitual constipation. A lot of people take a laxative and it is easy to get cancer, colon cancer. Pollen has a name called intestinal police, eat pollen, the police can maintain intestinal order. It fit and maintain shape. The pollen of the three can not be ignored. n

Radio eat four legs than to eat two legs, two legs and eat better to eat a lot of leg. Not the same as in Europe, if you attend the banquet, to note that if there is beef, but also pork, should eat pork. Beef too many questions, the first mad cow disease, the second foot-and-mouth disease, the third bad cholesterol. Now the United States, 30,000 women had lymphatic cancer, eating hamburgers to eat out. So they are great controversy, has killed tens of thousands of head of cattle, we should be careful to eat. Pork but also lamb, eat lamb; another chicken and mutton, chicken; chicken and fish, eat fish; fish and shrimp, then eat them! It is not polite, the smaller the animal protein as possible. The simple popular nutrition depends on the size of the animal, to bring Formula who can not read. I did not say mice. International Conference, said the best flea protein. Flea Although it is so small, it can jump 1 meter high, you believe it or not. If it is enlarged to the body so big, it can jump to the moon. Therefore, several American doctors wondering how to eat fleas it. United Nations WHO suggest that you eat more chicken and fish, then why not mention the shrimp it? Not not mention, but shrimp is too expensive, and not easy to popularize. If you have shrimp or prawns well. I now hold such a principle: If I ate two shrimp to shrimp, two more than you have more stomach beef protein. Very popular fish, fish protein for 1 hour can be absorbed, the absorption rate of 100%, while beef protein 3 hours to absorb. The fish is particularly suitable for the elderly, especially the frail. Of course, shrimp better than the fish. International survey, the world's most famous longevity areas in Japan, Japan's longevity areas in the sea, and the sea life is the longest place to fish. Particularly want to eat fish, shrimp, and in particular to eat whole fish (with headband tail), because of the active substance and the active substance in fish, shrimp head and abdomen. See if you will not buy fish, we should only buy fish shrimp, whole fish and eat the whole shrimp, which the university asked not buy fish bigger the better

of there is a principle of eat, eat to be master volume, not better. International provisions, eat 7 percent full, life can not stomach to eat up a 8 percent full, eat 10 percent full,longchamp bags, 2 into useless waste. Internationally recommended 0.618 Fibonacci: non-staple food staple 4; coarse grains, flour and rice 6 4; plant 6 animals 4. The now human eating too many animals, and thickness of the grain imbalance. n

material balance has a law, I will brief you. Newborn to 5 months fed babies the best, more than five months, breast milk also die, need more than 42 kinds of food. Old people are even harder to eat? Eat algae, dry it and eat the bag, and then drink seaweed soup. Spirulina is found in 1962, it is one gram equal to 1000 grams of various vegetables synthesis. Was the only emperor Queen, Olympic champion eat, others eat vain. This is a particularly good thing, particularly rich in nutrients, the most comprehensive, most balanced nutrient distribution, and alkaline food for many years and found. I tell you why Japan is the longevity of the world championship, they consume 500 tons of Spirulina a year they travel to China each have brought it. We asked them, why take Spirulina? They say, 8 grams of spirulina can sustain life for 40 days. Now space food, no belt the buns pie, all Spirulina. Spirulina is very famous in the world, so you if nutrition is not good, do not forget this stuff, it balanced diet. Several disease is particularly important, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, can lower blood pressure, blood fat; second is diabetes, this disease is the lack of protein, vitamins, and is difficult to cure, spirulina, vitamin supplements and spirulina The biggest advantage is to make the a diabetic person shall complications could a normal diet. Diabetes lack of energy, and they can not sugar, Spirulina is dried sugar, dry sugar intake energy. Third, gastritis, gastric ulcer, Spirulina has chlorophyll, a recovery effect on the gastric mucosa. The fourth is hepatitis, hepatitis international no, why? The people Fencan. So call each family to pay attention, the best Dining. Note that a lot of people seem to be healthy, you do not see are carriers. Spirulina can not replicate the virus, and liver cells can restore a large number of amino acids. It has choline, liver function can improve immune function. Spirulina also radiation effects. Soviet nuclear explosions, Japan experts to the rescue, holding Spirulina, it is a strong anti-radiation effect. Spirulina purified, it is plain that a very small one o'clock algae called rehabilitation, is the only anti-radiation algae rehabilitation. Therefore, the people who work in front of the computer, eat algae rehabilitation. Anti-radiation, anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-oxidation, and improve immune function. I would

summarize radiation a great influence on us, but there are several ways to prevent: the first drink green tea, the second to eat vegetables, radish, eat Spirulina third, fourth eat algae rehabilitation . Algae rehabilitation is the best. Select one according to their own economic conditions, it is not eat apples and oranges. The radiation is everyone will come into contact. International warning: Do not put appliances on the bedroom. Especially microwave the greatest harm to us, it is within 7 meters we have radiation. And various electrical appliances do not open. Another TV, another refrigerator, microwave oven there, you cook on the side, you have cancer is very innocent ah. The experience very principle of
aerobic exercise

Never morning exercise. Is recommended that you exercise the evening. International regulations, 45 minutes after a meal and then exercise. And the movement of elderly people walking on it for 20 minutes. Not to use this method in order to lose weight, before half an hour to an hour to eat 2-4 spirulina, and to diminish the appetite, and lack of nutrition. Europeans to lose weight all with spirulina, the domestic eat Dora not a solution. The second is the time to get up in the morning,barbour jackets UK, the international regulations of 6:00, for your reference. Window of time specified in the international arena from 9:00 to 11:00, 14:00 to 4:00. Why? Pollute the air after 9:00 sank pollutants reduced, and no reflux phenomenon. Draw attention to open the window in the morning, not where the big breath, as carcinogens, reflux material have come to your lungs, it is easy to get lung cancer. International warned in the morning from 6:00 to 9:00 is the most dangerous carcinogens. Get up early to go to bed early good health, can not be generalized. You suck a belly full of carbon dioxide at home at night, there are more than 100 kinds of respiratory toxins, and ran a small woods, the woods all morning, and carbon dioxide. Morning exercise, the basis of high blood pressure, basal body temperature is high, adrenaline is 4 times higher than in the evening, with heart problems is easy. Woods must be to the sun, sunlight reacts with chlorophyll to produce oxygen. The woods are full of carbon dioxide, easily poisoning, easy to get cancer. I suggest that you good hours in summer, winter, do not go out the morning workout, evening workout instead. Is not to say what kind of person are Zaoshuizaoqi large majority who do not fierce. The mentioned below

siesta problems. Nap time is half an hour after lunch, but the best one hour of sleep, sleep too long on the body no good. Do not cover a large quilt. What time at night to sleep? We never advocate early hours. The concept early hours, 7:00 and sleep, 12:00 got up Scrapped, it is of no use. We stand for 10:00 to 10:30 to sleep, because the international conference scheduled one hour to one and a half hour into the deep sleep is the most scientific, which is 12:00 to 3:00, 3 hours this unshakeable, what they should not do. The three hours of deep sleep. If this 3 hours who is good, it certainly refreshed the next day. If you go to bed after 4:00, it is light sleep. Will sleep and not sleeping is not the same. We stand from 12:00 to 3:00 unshakeable, and a hot bath before going to bed, water temperature 40 to 50 degrees, which makes high-quality sleep. n

psychological state
mental state is not good, you eat for free exercise, which is very important. Temperament and blood, if you are angry, blood flow for a long time slower to tumors do not know why. Angry easy to get cancer, the whole world knows. Stanford University, made a famous experiment, take a nasal tube resting on the nose so you breathe, and then let's use a nasal tube on the snow for ten minutes. If the snow does not change color, that you calm; snow white, and that you are guilty; if the ice purple, and that you are very angry. Purple snow out of 1 to 2 ml to mouse marked, 1 to 2 minutes after the mice died. And have studied the composition of the purple ice. So easy to get angry tumor, this is a very serious problem. I urge you, why you're angry, you do not get angry. If you wait any longer, let me tell you, you look at the table, not more than five minutes, more than five minutes to be a bad thing, the blood become purple. This experiment has got the Nobel Prize. Psychology will move people avoid the anger of five methods: First, avoid; second shift, people call you, you go to play chess, fishing, did not hear; release, but pay attention to, people call you, you go criticize others do not call release, is to find close friends to talk, released, or else put in their hearts to get sick; Fourth, sublimation, that is, the more people say to you, the more you do it; Fifth control, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang three gas Zhou Yu Zhou Yu Leng to mad. Or you Laizhou Yu Liang Lai? The conclusion is that the Laizhou Yu, his volume is too small. Angry people great harm. international

latest statement, all animals are not laughing functions, only humans have this feature. But human beings do not make good use of it. Ancient said: smile, ten years less. Not referring to age is a state of mind. Smiling, healthy often. The role of laughter is very large, the United States established the Smile Club, laugh became a sign of health. Laughed, wrinkles. Many patients are not laughing so. First migraine after the second not back pain, because when the microcirculation exuberant laughter. General non-pain, no pain. Had migraine do not worry, like a laugh, do not believe you can experiment. And sexual function is not weakened, reproductive function is not weakened. You see people Romanian woman 92 years old birth to baby fat, people laugh every day, ah. We are now over 30 years old do not have a baby, every day Bengzhuo face, of course. Also, always smiling on the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract are particularly good. Can experiment, you start feeling the belly laugh, laugh three times a day, his stomach rumble, no constipation, no gastrointestinal cancer. Exercise your upper and lower extremity exercise, when exercise stomach it? No chance, only laughter can exercise the stomach. Laugh at the international level has become a health standard, I investigated many times, laugh a second Nobel Prize has been released. Smile for the pituitary gland, resulting in embryonic brain, it is a natural anesthetic. If you got arthritis do not worry, directed at the joint laughed, while not hurt. Laugh so many benefits, why do we not laugh? Recent Beijing census is over, the person's life you know the old man or old lady long? I tell you, old lady man longer than six and a half years to live, on average, than the old man. The biggest advantage of many of the old lady from a young age like to laugh, to the old, still laughing. But if you sad, tears must International Conference of

has given us a warning, let us drink green tea, soy, sleep, regular exercise, and do not forget to always laugh. I hope everyone should pay attention to a balanced diet, aerobic exercise, and attention to your mental state, the cry cry, laugh when the laugh. I believe that we will be able to cross the 73-year-old, past the 84-year-old, 90,100-year-old will be alive

lungs and phlegm pears, apple diarrhea and nutritious.

cucumber effective weight loss, kiwi fruit inhibit cancer.

tomato blood to help face, lotus root Chufan, wonderful hangover. good

orange qi and phlegm, kidney warm leek knee waist.
digestion radish addition to flatulence, celery can cure high blood pressure. The Chinese cabbage diuretic row toxins

, cauliflower eat less cancer. the

swelling diuretic melon, green beans detoxification efficacy.

fungus engage in cancer casual blood stasis, kidney swelling yam consumption.

kelp loose silt Results iodine, mushrooms contain cancer cells.

pepper fend off the cold and dampness, onion spicy ginger for colds. trotters make

fish and milk, liver goat liver good eyesight. The strong lumbar

kidney eat walnuts, dates Jianshen Spleen eat. n n

'; / /
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