You want to follow the trend of wearing such

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You want to follow the trend of wearing such

Postby qwerasdf » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:45 am

The fashion the total laps love feng shui to turn a retro resurgence is not surprised people, all long as stained VINTAGE become the focus of fashion, from the hat to the Nike Frees retro little fall the retro circles tide intensified, the 1970s DISCO wind or 1980s musicals girl, academic, neutral wind, or rural wind retro form has also not an , and now the influx of people is no longer just a fashion chaser full star posture has become the leader of fashion.

Retro British style plaid, retro dome cap, high waist shorts, shoulder and small, high-profile LEGGING, every detail is perfect interpretation of retro. High waist suit pants, neutral vest, it appears that the high waist pants is one of the most IN single product retro slightly.

Yes! This is the first scene of our opening! Nike Free Run 3 Winter Fashion published! Karl grandfather seems such a huge battle for the the Eskimo guy gallant a fantasy, interpretation of the real iceberg - brought in from Scandinavia, the model across the icebergs melting sea ice and snow, feet, fur snow boots ice followed by ... nothing unexpected, Karl this season from any aspect of the extravagance of its protagonist, natural fur.

Do not fly abroad editing actually says: Most of the country is quite cold in the winter, so leather sandals definitely will be hot. Since she is certainly not the Eskimos, and likely reside in a New York or Paris winter wearing only a T-shirt guy out to put on a casual jacket beneath the fish head boots, then this sentence is absolutely ass want out. However, even if the premise of this reasoning is wrong, but I still unwavering believe this conclusion! The indiscriminate shelling of Chanel, Lanvin, and many other first-line brand, I absolutely believe that even in Equatorial Guinea winter (if any ...) fashion Elves must wear Nike Shoes fur high heels!
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