7 Section II 11

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7 Section II 11

Postby sdfg7jkg » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:25 am

Redskins new starting quarterback great tribute to the end of the Giants game losing streak record
Beijing this morning, the Washington Redskins new starting quarterback Rex - Grossman led home 28 to 14 victory over the New York Giants. Through training camp and the preseason, Grossman final win in the competition and John - Baker, Grossman proved coach Mike Shanahan choice - at least through the game's performance,tn requin pas cher. Audience his 34 passes 21 times success, advancing 305 yards and contributed two touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 110.5. Contributed 105 yards - Fred Davis catches Grossman's help , with remarkable efficiency,seattruck.com. Electrolux - Manning, Giants 32 passes successfully 18 times, advancing 268 yards, no touchdowns, one captured and killed. Hakim - the Knicks 7 catches for 122 yards the Giants performance of the best players. Redskins end their six-game losing streak, the Giants since 2005 is also the team for the first time in the home win their division rivals. The first half, the two sides battle into 14 levels, but Manning's pass back to attack steals in Section III Redskins first-round rookie Ryan - Kerrigan 9-yard touchdown, to change the situation in the field. Grossman's performance can not be called perfect, he had two passes almost steals, also nearly lost the ball in midfield once the Giants tied the score,bitsessions.com. Over the main group of Giants defensive Grossman gave more space to play out injured. The score overview Time Team Scoring described Redskins: Giants first section 09:53 City Check array Eli - Manning rushed the ball 2 yards for a touchdown, the Lawrence - Tai Ensi kicked additional points 0:7 Section II 11: the 25 red the Pida array Tim - Hightower rushed the ball 1 yard touchdown, Graham - Gano kicked additional points 7:7 02:48 City Check-array of Ahmad - Bradshaw rushed the ball 6 yards touchdowns the Lawrence - Tai Ensi kicked additional points 7:14 the 00:37 red Pida array Anthony - Armstrong, Rex - Grossman 6 yards passing touchdowns, Graham - Gano kicked additional points 14:14 Section III the 13:03 red Pida array Ryan - Kerrigan steals Eli - Manning pass back to attack the 9-yard touchdown, Graham - Gano kicked additional points 21:14 Section IV 05 : 04 red the Pida array Jabbar - Gaffney, Rex - Grossman four yards passing touchdowns, Graham - Gano kicked additional points 28:14
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