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Alex - Henny Lane

Postby fghjj4gd8 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:43 am

Eagles wins both the Jets are hurt generals Saints bench worst negative Titan
Beijing on the morning of September 2, the fourth week of the NFL preseason fully started, the New York Jets at home 14-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles - Michael Vick has just renewed this war to rest, Vince - Yang led the expedition, Submit with a touchdown pass. Jets and Eagles are so main break, Young makes 23 successful 15 times, a distance of 193 yards, but also to help Chad - Huo Erda array Unfortunately, before the end of the first half was slightly injured, the the hobble fate into the rest laboratory examination, did not play the second half,fl football scores live. Hawks in the second half sent - Mike Kafka, but Kafka has fallen short of expectations, the fourth quarter was the opponent steals back offensive touchdowns Fortunately Eagles leading many opponents comeback. The Jets also encountered the same problem, instead of Mark - Sanchez played Greg - Mike Elroy second limped off, did not participate in the draft provisional the players Drew - Willie stepped in, a play on the outgoing strike Help Sanchez's childhood friend of Scotty - 迈克奈特达 array. Section 1 Eagles vs Jets 4:54 Eagles touchdowns Vince - Yang (Vince Young) pass, Chad - Hall (Chad Hall) Middle catch touchdowns, advancing 16 yards, Alex - Henny Lane (Alex Henery) scored additional points. Drew - Willie (Drew Willy), 7 0 Section II 11:40 Jets touchdown pass, the right side of the ball the Scotty - Mike Knight (Scotty McKnight) touchdowns, advancing 14 yards, Nick - Fuk Erke (Nick Folk) scored additional points. 7 7 05:16 Hawks touchdowns Dion - Lewis (Dion Lewis) Road rushed the ball 1 yard touchdown, Henny Lane scored additional points. 14 7 Section III 09:51 Eagles touchdowns Greg - Cooper (Graig Cooper) left red ball 1 yards touchdowns, Henny Lane scored additional points. 21 7 Section IV 12:43 Jets touchdowns Ellis - Lankester (Ellis Lankster) steals a pass from Mike - Kafka (Mike Kafka), back to the attack 67 yards touchdowns, Falk kick into additional points. 21 14 06:42 Hawks kick Henny inside kicked a 49-yard free kick. 24 than 14 saints lineup is the fourth week of one of the worst performing, Sean - Canfield game opponents have security points, steals back offensive touchdowns so many errors, and led directly to the Saints zero up to three and a half time score until midway through the fourth, he will make amends before, the team first touchdown pass to Billings, but after John Casey - a rare kicked additional minutes. Titans backup quarterback Jack - Locke showed superior adult strength, 17 passes 15 successful, not only the outgoing one touchdown and personal blunt ball 22 yards for a touchdown once, worthy of this year, the 8th overall pick,nfl christmas ornaments. 8:42 Titans safety points of the first section Titans VS Saints Sean - Canfield (Sean Canfield) captured and killed. sacked for a safety 2 0 04:04 Titans free kick Rob - Biluonasi, (Rob Bironas) scored a 32-yard free kick,Denver Broncos Jerseys. The 5-0 second 14:52 Tai Tanda array Jack - Locke (Jake Locker) rushed right side of the ball 22 yards touchdowns, Biluonasi scored additional points. 12 0 11:34 the Titans kick Biluonasi scored a 47-yard free kick. 15 0 03:20 Tai Tanda array Jack - Locke pass, Lavelle - Hawkins (Lavelle Hawkins) left the ball touchdowns, advancing 12 yards, Biluonasi scored additional points. 22 2-0 Section III 12:14 the Titans kick Biluonasi scored a 41-yard free kick. 25 2-0 Section IV 12:23 Tai Tanda array Thomas - Moss Ted (Thomas Morstead) punt to Damien - Williams ran back 52 yards for a touchdown, Biluonasi scored additional points. 32 0 07:22 Saints of the array Canfield pass the Montes - Billings (Montez Billings) catch touchdowns, advancing two yards, John - Casey (John Kasay) kicks the loss of additional points. 32 00:35 Saints kick John - Casey scored a 38-yard free kick. 32 than 9.
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