Australia will further deal with stimulant problem

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Australia will further deal with stimulant problem

Postby gojerseysite » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:30 am

Australia's sports minister di and judicial minister Clare 16 announced, Australia anti-doping agency and the Australian crime commission signed a new designed to protect sports fair memorandum of understanding. cheap jerseys

"The Australian government to eradicate the sports field of stimulant use attitude, as always," Aaron dean pointed out. According to the statement, Australia anti-doping agency and the Australian crime committee will be able through this memorandum sharing information and expansion to the doping accused of investigation further cooperation. jerseys free shipping

The United States anti-doping agency in a report released last week, prove tour DE France "seven crown king" Armstrong doping, Australian driver before white also coming unstuck.

According to the report, Armstrong teammates orchid diss in testimony, said in preparation for the 2003 ring Spain cycling period, he had and Canada driver Barry and "9 driver" take the drug with belong to the human growth hormone. wholesale jerseys And this "9 driver" obviously is white. During that time, these drivers are belong to the us postal service team. According to the xinhua news agency

"We know Armstrong to international artesian contributions more than $100000, then artesian let he can free use of lausanne laboratory blood tests analyzer, and this value nearly 6 - $70000." wholesale nfl jerseys

, the international artesian admitted from 2002 began to accept Armstrong contributions, but they denied this and Armstrong drug test many times the pass.

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