Brisk walking is the most effective movement

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Brisk walking is the most effective movement

Postby mumu252033 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:48 am

The cardiovascular disease epidemic, and in recent years the lack of physical activity are closely related. Despite the global primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and two grade prevention guide all emphasized the importance of physical activity, but look from current actual condition, change the sedentary lifestyle than a medication is more difficult to change habits. To this end, the Ministry of health in 2010 launched the " eat dynamic balance, to health" campaign, and 11 per month as a " walk ", but only a few people to action, most people still do not touch.
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The medical profession through the years to form of physical activity, duration and intensity of the large number of research, found that walking is the most simple and effective mode of motion. It not only does not require special skills or equipment, but also easy to adhere to, do not need to spend more time, does not need the special field, the risk of injury is very small, in all ages, different social background of the crowd can be conducted. In recent years on the staff of the walk and cardiovascular health in relation to do a lot of research, " walking fitness " concept has been widely recognized.

Who think, walking is the most secure, the best exercise and weight loss methods. The Ministry of health health education chief expert Professor Hu Dayi said, brisk walking is the most convenient, the most economical aerobic metabolism exercise. Not any exercise is beneficial to health, aerobic exercise is the best way of promoting health. Aerobic exercise refers to enhance human inhalation, transport and use of oxygen for the purposes of endurance sports. In the process of movement, the body of inhaled oxygen demand is quite general and balanced, i.e.. It is characterized by low intensity, rhythm, without interruption, longer duration. Aerobic exercise such as walking, can effectively improve cardiac, pulmonary and cardiovascular function, but these organs condition is crucial to the person's health.

Also known as " brisk walking endurance walk ", people can get ideal endurance. Of course also differs from the ordinary walking, it requires a certain speed. To go quickly need to pay attention to three points: 3 to 5 times per week; each must walk 20 to 30 minutes; each must take the fast pace over 5 to 8 kilometers away, in order to achieve the purpose of fitness. Emphasize every walk to guarantee 20 minutes because, brisk walking is the beginning of a sugar as the main energy consumption, about 20 minutes before the formal burning fat to adult, average daily intake of 2100000 calories calculation, human basic the new supersedes the old. And in the work of the consumption quantity of heat approximately 1800000 total cards, the remaining 300000 cards will accumulate in the body, cost 1000 Cayo need to walk 30 steps, to consume 300000 card, every day at least ten thousand steps. Day ten thousand step exercise, equivalent to playing tennis for 45 minutes, 95 minutes of cycling, swimming and running for 30 minutes, 120 minutes to do housework.

Trot should also pay attention to methods, to achieve the best effects, time to hold your head up high, stride; shoulder remain relaxed, tighten up the belly, not warped buttocks; arms close to the body, the elbow easily bent 90 degrees, close to the body to swing back and forth; each step, according to the first heel to forefoot and toe. In order to.

All the world knows. Key benefits of exercise, there are a lot of people is not implemented, can't stand. So, just to promote walking are not enough to arouse the enthusiasm of people, through various methods to promote people like walking, consciously use all available time for walking opportunities.

In this regard, Professor Hu Dayi gives a trick: to exercise integrated into routine work, the life rhythm. Don't hope to find time to go alone, had better integration to exercise 8 hours a day. Do not delay, is not time-consuming, so can we persevere. To change the " into the floor to two floor elevator, do not want to climb; go out to take a taxi, two or three stations are too far ".
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