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Postby topm9d0z5 » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:35 pm

NameCommentsDatecinegallatanice work...6/8/2012Cam DUh you guys are kinda dum to thik those movies are good. Like jeez.4/30/2012ambrebonjour7/26/2011rickyhow can you miss THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION6/19/2011shailendra yadagood articles6/1/2011hafizooosam3/24/2011Danielthere are some classic films that are not mentioned here. Like passion of the christ by Mel Gibson that tourches lives across the globe.3/22/2011mandyrocco89cool3/21/2011rasel azad.i'm really excited to seen this list. I have collected some movies. Its really awesome!3/19/2011kimwhat about dreamgirls thats # 12/19/2011xyzall are good,,,,,but you forgot the best of 'em all... Titanic2/5/2011SAMHOW CAN I DOWNLOAD MOVIES USING TORRENT1/26/2011Edith AWhere is Citizen Kane, The HorseWhisper The Color Purple (in my estimation the best movie ever) A River Runs Through It, True Grit the original one, Shane The Unforgiven Burt Lancaster who's name I didn't see on the movie stars list and The Unforgiven Clint Eastwood movie National Velvet whats up with the movie list?1/15/2011GauravNice collection..12/16/2010movie buffRahul is a nut just read his top 10 and kill yourselves12/8/2010Movie BuffI think Scarface and Dog day afternoon also somewhere fit in this list12/8/2010TONYAWHAT ABOUT " A BEAUTIFUL MIND"12/7/2010adnamishan move10/24/2010JACKZONHi rita,
i think u mis'd THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, needless 2 say its an incredble package reveals de life of prisoners wit al extracts of realism. Otherwise ur collection is fabulous..10/14/2010alekhyahas wonderful movies10/12/2010alekhyahai this is nag austIn10/12/2010darlene e"Painted Veil " was a wonderful movie about a marriage of two complicated people and a true love story. Ed Norton was exceptional in his role.10/6/2010darvin shendeall films are very good!10/2/2010rupeshjust i would like know the movies7/6/2010AndyShawshank Redemption is the best of all.6/18/2010azamGood web
I like it .5/16/2010POSHAN SAHUIT IS NOT RIGHT5/7/2010poshan kumari think titenic is one of the best movie but it not show in these list;why5/7/2010Dr. MemonAre we prepared to save the medical institute at LUMHS or just let it be destroyed by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Nushad Shaikh ?
Medical Education is a progressive development needed for medical doctors to meet the challenge in maintaining the better health for the community. But, unfortunately the case at Liaquat University of Medicine and Health Sciences (LUMHS), Jamshoro is completely opposite to the desired outcome under Professor Nushad Shaikh the Vice Chancellor. Prof. Nushad Shaikh, has nothing to show his worth to advance medical education in the last three years. His regime consists of dirty politics, nepotism, favoritism and blackmailing as the order of the day. He and his selected gang are the enemy of truth hiding the real picture of LUMHS as is seen by many of us who have served this institute for more than 30 years. Following is the summary of our so called VC pathetic achievements;
1. It'll be next to impossible to count the injustices and to right the wrongs of the corrupt elite power brokers who got their positions of power through nepotism among other ugly means. However, following is the summary of some of the VC��s misdoings;
a) The University Funds are utilized to control Student political groups.
b) Arranging for his brother in Law to get MD in Psychiatry as a gift
c) Avoiding to open up investigation on illegal sending of Ph.D. scholars abroad
d) extending the services of tenure track assistant professor who have never produced any output but are well connected to the VC and his blue-eyed gang
e) giving jobs on political pressure and not on merits (Mrs Toti Shah )
f) granting 3 years salary to his relative who never was in service
g)Making of Dr. Khaliqur Rehman Shaikh with his golden M.Phil. as a director
of Medical research centre. The same person also director Molecular Biology, Animal Lab, Basic Science Laboratory and Chief of Security and chairman, Ph.D. research Committee. Introduction of a person like him with such responsibilities is a big blunder by the VC and and that proves his competence.
h) There is no research laboratory with functioning instruments. Even the microscope was bought without a vital component making all these instruments as decorating pieces. Why were the funds from the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad used to buy these instruments worth million with no productivity?
i) The conditions of Post-Graduate Institute (PG) are horrible with students facing lot of difficulties. It is as if the PG students have to suffer with no financial help to continue to be part of PG institute without any assurance from the director for their future. The PG director (another VC near one) Professor Khalique Ahmed Siddiqui is indeed a sadist, who never takes any classes but is also chairman of Orthopedic Surgery and director of Physiotherapy.
j) Both the directors (Khaliques) along with the VC presumably own the University with their artificial intelligence. All these so called great people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.
k) All three, the VC and Khaliques need one another making it possible for Dr. Nushad Shaikh to work as a part-time VC ( he comes 3-4 days every week) and at the same time both Kaliques enjoy the power at will. They value their privileges above any principles and portray knowing everything related to LUMHS and every thing is figured out by them , except how to do it . They have adopted the best way to compile inaccurate information that no one wants is to make it up. And according to them, perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
l) allotting university residence to people not connected to LUMHS.
m) Giving promotions to junior staff based on his likeness and dislikeness
favoring his friends to take better positions in LUMHS which include Dr. Sugufta Panhwer, Professor Salma Shaikh and Professor Shams Shaikh, Dr. Khaliqur Rehman Shaikh and Professor Khalique Siddiqui .
2.The total centralization of power makes the VC believes that if no one attar any word due to insecurity of job, every thing is under control and working fine. It's this attitude that has caused modern power-brokers like him to continue to gain power and corrupt his office to such an extend that it will make Caligula's Rome look tame in comparison. Many teachers are harassed by the VC and his blue-eyed gang and his act of this violence in terminating teachers job if they don��t agree with him is the last refuge of the his incompetence.
3. The removal of the previous VC Dr. Jan Mohammed Memon from the office because of his corruption and introduction of MEMONISM, the community he favored and served at LUMHS during his period. It is the same corruption with a new word SHAIKHISM, the community the new VC belongs to. Corruption is no stranger to LUMHS these days under the leadership of Dr. Nushad Shaikh , the current VC; and it is a famous resident.
Finally, It is very unfortunate that a person like Dr. Nushad Shaikh is made the VC of this University just because as he claims that the higher authorities supports his presence at LUMHS. We have never seen more professors of LUMHS express discontent with their jobs. If this non-academic person Dr. Nushad Shaikh continues to be a VC of LUMHS, then we have given our future doctors a legacy of corruption,モンクレール, nepotism and favoritism and this legancy is going to continue for a long time to come. We at LUMHS, believe that the VC and his Gang are evils,Hollister Shop, and it will be better to remove them for good to clean our institute of learning or the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Teacher��s Association
Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Jamshoro.4/28/2010AbhijitThe Shawshank Redemption should be in the list...awesome movie...4/21/2010Sharang KShakespeare In Love, A Few Good Men, The Departed, The Shawshank Redemption...where are all of these?4/16/2010Sharang K'Xcuse me folks, where is Forrest Gump?4/16/2010AnthonyI think knight rider should be included in the list3/29/2010sasha khani really liked the god father i think its the best3/1/2010fatima n Aneesathis is ammaazziinng,Moncler Online Shop! (irony)2/25/2010Parimal Sagarthis site is really fantastic.I can't explain how useful it is!it's amazing.2/21/2010lanceman this was not so bad but ain't the best for sure1/12/2010RAHUL(1) HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN
(10)WANTED1/2/2010Menon KKWhile I agree with Casablanca, Ben Hur & Psycho by rating Westerns to my knowledge you do not do justice to John Ford. His westerns like Stagecoach, My Darling Clementine & The Searchers are way above class compared to The Good, Bad & Ugly.
Where do you place Gone With the Wind, The Ox Bow Incident & The Grapes of Wrath?
Krishna Kumar Menon, Chennai(Madras), India12/2/2009dwight macrae
high Noon11/6/2009Hassanthese all r old movies where is the new one10/20/2009Gaurava great list...
completely agree with you. I have already seen 4/10,Longchamp Online Shop. Gonna download rest ot it for sure...
thanks a ton. Rita...7/24/2009ADABLA SETHI LIKE THE MOVIE RANKING YOU HAVE MADE I WOULD LIKE TO BE ALWAYS INFORMED ABOUT THE LATEST MOVIES7/24/2009pannainoting4/18/2009James SawyerAndy Adams your choice s,Moncler Jacke.u.c.k too
But gotta say Rita Putatunda you miss out Titanic which you might be dumbest person on earth to miss out
Some of your choice s.u,Moncler Daunenjacke.c.k too3/23/2009Subin.bsWhere is the TITANIC?and where is the reader?3/20/2009RAJESHI THINK ...TITANIC IS BEST MOVIE EVER...1/7/2009A.P.Why call it the "Top 10 Best", though? If they are the &quot,Hogan Scarpe;10 Best," then they're obviously at the "top" -- that's what "best" means. Go with either the "10 best" or "Top 10". (No one would title a list the "Lowest 10 Worst"!)
:)9/30/2008Ripon Khanyah, it`s good selection. I support it.9/22/2008ANDY ADAMSNONE OF THESE TOP TEN LISTED ABOVE ARE ON MY PERSONAL TOP TEN MOVIES:
LORD OF THE RINGS, MY FAIR LADY AND BIRTH OF A NATION.9/3/2008The Komodo dragon, also known as the Komodo monitor, is a lizard species endemic to some remote islands of Indonesia. This member of the monitor lizard family is the largest among the living species of lizards. It can grow to a length of around 6-10 ft, and weigh up to 150 lbs. This enormous size, incisive teeth and sharp claws make the Komodo dragon a very good hunter. Owing to its large size, it dominates its natural habitat. This dominant predator can eat almost anything including carrion, snakes and smaller Komodo dragons,Scarpe Hogan. The existence of these reptiles was only established in the beginning of the 20th century, but today we know some quite fascinating facts about them.
Habitat of Komodo Dragon
With the normal temperature exceeding 80? Fahrenheit, even at sea level, the Komodo dragon habitat is considered one of the roughest place on the planet. These reptiles are native to numerous Indonesian islands, most prominent among which is the Komodo island. Other than Komodo island, they are also known to inhibit the neighboring islands such as Flores, Rintja, Padar, Nusa Mbarapu, Gili, Montang and Padar.
The natural habitat of this lizard species is most often limited to hot and dry places. The arid volcanic islands inhabited by these reptiles have very scarce amount of water available only for a part of the year. In fact, the islands virtually go dry between March and November with absolutely no water to drink. The Komodo dragons, however, have become adaptable to this region and thus can survive without water for long periods. The monsoons hit the island chain for a short period of time in December, and even these short spell of monsoons cause the islands to flood.
So when they do get water, Komodo dragons drink a lot of it. The temperatures are extremely hot and at times, these dragons have to take shelter in the burrows to protect themselves from immense heat. When the temperatures fall, these cold blooded creatures are seen basking in the sun all over these islands. They are solitary animals, which are seen in groups only when they are feeding or during the breeding season. They use their sharp claws to dig holes in the ground for burrowing. Interestingly, other than burrowing, these holes also act as strategic location to ambush the prey.
Food Availability in the Surroundings
Their habitat is just spread over an area of about 1000 sq. km., and it is the most dominant predator in the area it inhabits. It is most often active during the day, but at times even nocturnal traits are also observed among this lizard species. They can sprint for short distances, dive and even climb trees and this helps them to bring down a wide range of animals. The Komodo dragon feeds on water buffalo, deer, wild boars, snakes... basically anything it gets. It's observed that these reptiles most often depend on carrion, but they also have tendency to hunt down other animals, including full-grown water buffaloes, that are found on these islands. They have sharp claws and teeth which prove to be helpful in hunting. More importantly, Komodo dragon's saliva contains virulent bacteria, which can cause the prey to die within a few hours, even if it survives the brutal assault of this large reptile.
The arid habitat is totally unsuitable for human habitation, and perhaps this is the only reason Komodo dragons have been able to survive human onslaught for a long time. More recently however, poaching and loss of habitat has led to a drastic decline in the Komodo population, owing to which the reptile has been enlisted as 'vulnerable' in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Only ideal efforts on the behalf of administration can ensure that these reptiles flourish in an area, wherein its virtually impossible for us to survive.Related articles:

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