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Postby 5713zcks » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:33 am

It’s currently the subject of a parliamentary enquiry, thanks to the Do Not Knock Register Bill 2012 introduced by Mr Steve Georganas MP.
“The Australian economy derives enormous benefit from field sales. Every year, this industry engages thousands of Australians who positively interact with consumers to conduct millions of sales, pumping billions of dollars into the economy. It is a legitimate sales channel that a large number of Australia?s leading household names and iconic brands rely heavily upon.”
If you have a couple of spare hours,Moncler Pas Cher, you can read all the submissions
There is also an online petition for those who would like to see the legislation passed, which you can access . And judging my an online vote by yesterday, a lot of people would like to see a register in place.
I’d love your views though. Do you see benefit in having door-to-door sales? Do you purchase contracts from door-to-door salespeople,Moncler Jacke? Or would you rather have your address listed on a “Do not Knock” register?

As well as those who perhaps don’t have a high level of financial literacy. Financial Counselling Australia’s submission to the enquiry can be read . And in the words of one financial counsellor: “The ‘door knockers’ target the vulnerable as they know they can intimidate them into signing/buying whatever they are pedaling. So many people I have spoken to also say they just wanted the people to go away so they relented and gave into them,Hogan Interactive. A do not knock register would allow these people to say “NO” without confrontation.”
Of course there is the other side of the coin (credit card?) and the Communications Alliance has told the enquiry that the proposed legislation is unnecessary in the light of existing consumer protections in this area. Alinta Energy has submitted that energy retailers use door to door marketing and sales as it has proven to be a cost effective channel and that the introduction of a register is likely to have a negative impact on competition in this market. Salmat has pointed out that:
“Why should older vulnerable people feel intimidated and pressured by strangers within, what should be, the sanctuary of their own homes,Moncler Jacken?”
We have a “Do Not Call” register, which has attracted over 7 million numbers since it began less than six years ago – apparently there are a lot of us out there who simply don’t want to be talked at by a telemarketer at 6pm in the evening: who would’ve thought?? – so is it time for a “Do Not Knock’ register as well??

Really, in this age of online shopping and online comparison – as well as “daily deals” sites and other heavily-discounted promotions – I find it difficult to believe that anyone buys anything via an unsolicited telephone call or an unsolicited door knock. According to an released earlier this month though, every household in Australia is door knocked on average eight times a year and in 2011 over 1.3 million sales were made via door-to-door selling,, around 1 million of which related to energy services.

The purpose of the bill is to:
“Establish a framework to regulate and minimise unsolicited marketing calls made to Australian residential and government addresses by: establishing a Do Not Knock Register; enabling an address to be included on the Do Not Knock Register and remain on the register; prohibiting unsolicited marketing calls being made to addresses on the register for a period of 3 years; providing for a penalty regime; and establishing a complaints regime.”
According to the report, the four biggest industries using door to door sales –energy, telecommunications, solar panels and pay TV – generally see this sales channel as among the most effective for generating sales,
Why though, Why do people sign up? Do they seriously believe that the bored uni student who is standing at their door, trying to earn a bit of extra cash, has scoured the market and found them the best deal on mobile phone contracts or electricity contracts or whatever type of contract they’re flogging that day? Really?
That’s an easy attitude for me to have though because I’m young(ish) and confident and have a pretty good level of financial literacy. I have no qualms about saying a quick: “thanks, but no thanks” to unwanted door-knockers. That’s if I open the door.
It isn’t as easy for a lot of others in our community though. Older people, for example:
“Seniors are being deliberately targeted and pressured into signing up for services they don’t need or understand, and, subsequently find, they can’t afford,” says National Seniors CEO Michael O’Neill in their to the enquiry.
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