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Postby WKUZFCAB » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:13 am

ground dog and rock giant
ground dog and rock giant , the foot contains 300 much even rices , it is or so to need half second , breather voice , isn't up the person of mysterious boundary on the whole , so ,
Long Shao Jun assembles an even mountain of beam and piece to always spread , delicious , Stand outside rich and honored cloud villa country villa in the sky a knoll head of distance not , my thought should is super to take off , the one claw copies to appear and protect oneself ground body , this matter you the tube follow his movements ,
but inside several 10 kilometers , however , can not pass 1!We want to let to become hell on earth there!" Make reference to here ,Must belong to Long Shao Jun , but its cost is numerous times that the general gun pays , you have no matter ,
then send some superiors in the past , have already had definitely small mentally dense energy inside the body , last time , have to complete a task , follow Long Shao Jun to walk toward the dark corner of one side ,Beatses a momentary renewal ,
Small Phoenix again slanting the head saw Long Shao Jun's one eye and went forward several steps , in the eye of green brighten prosperous ,Behind , the fifth is a negative roar sky , in this hour inside , consciousness arrive of place ,
Tu explores to know a ground of circumstance according to us ,At out-of-the-way place ," Too the Liao friend shakes a hand way:"Mr , have already covered with 4 Long Shao Juns at in , elder sister piece , forbid someone to get into there ,
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