paper drinking straws

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paper drinking straws

Postby windows7key » Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:23 am

We set up a gift table and on the invites we let everyone know that if they wanted to bring a small (one of each sex) for the couple they could. It was really fun and simple. They got a bink pacifier,cheap paper straws, and girly bib, a cute girl owl onsie, another girly onsie, and a cute pink blanket! The people who brought the gifts of course got to take their boy gifts home with them.
In the PDF PRINTABLE COMPLETE PACKAGE you also get a png. file of the 'girl or boy' logo, that you can print onto a sonogram picture for the display as well. We think it's a great way to personalize the party a little more for the soon to be parents.
Hey everyone! It's Clive, Rufus, and Billie filling in for F & S while they're still away in Maine. Gosh! How we miss those bold little Frenchies,paper straws, who like to bark at our feet. They better watch or they just may get a good kick one of these days! Anyway, here's a little update about Billie's condition and what's being done to correct it.
We also had Face Painting! One of my friends, Joslyn, is an amazing artist, and somehow I talked her into doing this for me! She really is a great friend! But, you can always find local facepainters, balloon animalists,paper drinking straws, and such on some type of classified ad. Craigslist is a great one to try.
My little man just so happens to share his birthday with his cousin, Estelle. She turned 2. So, we put the two birthday kids together and sang to them both!
I have to say, the best, and mandatory activity you can do at any first birthday party, is the cake dive!!! It's the one and only time, possibly, that you will give your child a big chunk of cake and let them go to town! I love seeing which kids are timid, and which ones dive right in! My little guy wasn't quite sure at first, but then decided it was well worth the mess!
Seriously, check out the amazing spiderman and tiger!!!
Thephotobooth was a hit! We got a few clown props, along with some DIY cardstock props, and everyone used what they wanted. I just wish I would have had some type of backdrop,pink drinking straws, to make it easier taking the pics in avoiding people in the background. Oh, well... next time...
Here is the birthday boy with Grandma and Papa,green drinking straws! Too bad, I was a little too crazy to think about getting a pic with my little guy and either of his parents on his big day :(
These are the designs I created for the cardboard cutouts. My cute friend Tenielle, saved the day, yet again, and cut them out on her Cricut. So, here is the file for all of you to use, if you are creative like Tenielle and like doing fun DIY projects! DIY Circus Photo Booth Prop Cutouts.
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