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Postby readstar23 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:11 am

After several tourist park Zhanqiao.Lille photo photograph: Zhejiang online online inquiry of October 9th Zhejiang's longest history of the "eleven" golden week just ended, on the first day of office work, most discussions of the topic is "eleven golden week, how much money you spend?"In micro-blog and city forum, "Sun bill" the netizen is in a few.
In the interview,, 80 percent of netizens said that "holiday finished,Prada Handbag Outlet, purse is empty".According to media reports, one netizen holiday spending up to 180000 yuan, including jewellery, tourism etc..While most users spend money, only 170 yuan, is a magic weapon "staying at home".
Holiday is "stay",, or go to the party?Or keep in a crowded scenic spots as the "look" pay?Eleven golden week, have a look through the bill, how much money you spend?Holiday spending to 1000 yuan mostly Wuhan netizen "guy delicious housekeeper" on the Internet in their spending, so many netizens hope helplessly.
Among them, the colleague marries red 800 yuan, Chongqing to play 4 days eat, play,Prada Outlet, and traffic tickets, three film tickets total about 2800 yuan, buy brand flower ring ring in platinum 100700 yuan and 3800 yuan, 225 yuan in the hospital.
Plus some shopping and other expenses of nearly 467 yuan, total about 183792 yuan.Put aside big-ticket purchases,Prada Bags, gifts, travel and other factors, most netizen expresses, general situation of consumption length a holiday spending thousands of dollars to the majority, the expenditure "big head" is also "meal" and "traveling expenses".
In the sun on the micro-blog "my national bills" in the activity,, the reporter found, some close to six of netizens said that spending broke through 1000 yuan, also there is no lack of friends said to spend a few million.
Hangzhou netizen "bee Didi leader" in micro-blog said, holiday spending for the 4000 yuan; the "Dian?," said spending only 1000 multivariate, reason is "home on the house, dare not go out".And the netizen "Royal three look" is disclosed, in their holiday consumption was close to 6000 yuan.
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Re: Prada Bags Outlet Online

Postby moomblue » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:30 am

it is a good post

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