Beats by dre Police say have a legitimate cameras.

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Beats by dre Police say have a legitimate cameras.

Postby topm9d0z5 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:55 am

All right -- watching the border having watched himself America's toughest sheriff under a microscope and not a government -- a media one ABC news a unit isn't launching.,Hogan Outlet
Crackdown on abuses.
Well I'm not worried about -- try to set me up in my deputy we don't racial profile and are concerned.

Among other things national immigration issues he's written variety magazine's.

Illegal aliens so I keep doing my job this morning we're.

And immediately that site I could say he would say well look at this disproportionate number of Latinos.

But what do you think served -- the guys running as this Ted pessimism immigration editor for Univision news.
But is not concerning me we're gonna continue to do our job we just -- is seventy more.

Deputies those not concerning me we do the right thing we do not racial profile full of them take all the pictures they wanna take -- we shall see thank you very remarks to CNN thank you thank you or we're getting.

Hope they have money for a lot of overtime -- they're gonna -- around.

But in doing that we have nothing to hide I have dedicated deputies and force an illegal immigration laws I have nothing I'd bring a month.
And practices.
It could be a set up.
Do you worry -- that lets say you pick up of a bunch of Latinos.
We do a good job and freedom of press.
Police say have a legitimate cameras.

About how immigration raids disproportionate police stops -- a disconnect between residents and law enforcement can impact the community in other words.
-- undo what they wanna do.
Join all the others that are following me around.

But you know everybody -- on the poster board from the president on the way down America over -- Arizona.
The sheriffs on on a racial --
They all seem to apply -- for the gold decide that you do that the goal of a par -- quoting from of the columnists who runs it is to monitor the effects of our files policies.
And -- worried about it they follow me around everybody's taken pictures of me in my.
Illegal immigration.
So as they want to waste their time following me around.

On this very issue and and spoken out against.

On Arizona immigrant communities and a report from the ground up.

But before that he served as an online editor for Long Island -- it's a nonprofit organization focusing on.
For false identification in the workplace.

What they're -- Arpaio watch it's a project starts this week the series drags the policies.
The country's most famous -- Joseph Arpaio sheriff -- negatives.
But it's a media wants to get involved tool let him do it may be -- and make him deputies served that they wanted to follow me around but I'm not concerned.
It's -- gonna have stamp thing.
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