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Free NBA Jerseys 45105

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Common allergies affect approximately 50 million Americans. Allergies are the immune system's overreactive response to an allergen introduced to the body. Allergens are unique to an individual; that is, what might be an allergen for one individual may not be an allergen for another. There are many treatments NFL authentic jerseys size chart and therapies available, including acupuncture, to help people resolve allergy symptoms. Baseball Jersey Template Moreover, NFL authentic jerseys size chart acupuncture, as a holistic treatment, not only looks at treating the isolated symptoms but also at treating the root cause of the problem and balancing the body's systems for full wellness.
What is an allergen?
An allergen is any substance that causes an allergic reaction in an individual. There are thousands of known allergens that can cause allergy symptoms including respiratory allergens, ingested allergens, and skin contact allergens. Respiratory allergens are inhaled into the body and may include the common airborne pollens from tree blooms and grasses, mold spores, house dust mites, and animal dander. Ingested allergens are consumed through food and medication. Common food Basketball Jersey Reversible and drug allergies include shell fish, nuts, and Create Your Own Nhl Jersey penicillin. Still, other allergens are initiated by skin contact, which can range from a bee sting to poison ivy to a chemical allergen such as Create Your Own Nhl Jersey is common with latex.
How can acupuncture help treat allergies?
Acupuncture is Baseball Jersey Template an ancient healing art that has been practiced for more than 3,000 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners have used acupuncture for thousands of years as a natural healing process to balance yin and yang in the body. The concept is that the body's Qi, a vital energy force, must be free to flow along the body's meridians without obstruction. Any obstruction can cause an imbalance in the body's yin or yang and reduce the Qi's effect to properly regulate the body's health and well-being. Acupuncture is a natural method of treating an illness and involves stimulating and balancing of Qi through points, called acupoints, located throughout the body. Acupuncture works to Authentic Hockey Jerseys resolve allergies by decreasing the body's overreaction to an allergen, strengthening the immune system, and helping to normalize overall body function by balancing the body's Qi.
What happens during acupuncture treatment?
Acupuncture can help resolve allergy issues by removing energy imbalances and blockages in the body. Practitioners of acupuncture work with the body's energy or Qi, which moves along pathways called meridians. There are 12 major and 8 minor meridians. Qi regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the body by keeping the forces of yin and yang in balance. During acupuncture treatment the meridians are stimulated by the insertion of fine needles (or a needle-less form using a new age tool) into the appropriate acupoints. Unlike Free NBA Jerseys hypodermic needles used in allopathic medicine to give injections or draw blood, acupuncture needles are thin and can hardly be felt. Every acupuncture treatment utilizes specific points that suites the individual's needs for allergy relief. There are more than 2,000 acupoints on the human body that an acupuncturist can Authentic Hockey Jerseys work with. It is important to find a licensed, experienced acupuncturist to ensure the most successful treatment plan for resolving allergy symptoms.

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