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Green Bay Packers Rodgers Jersey 88223

Postby sdhwbb578d » Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:47 am

1. Deroticed girls
As usual, people believe that squeezing children into school uniforms will prevent sexual abuse, rapes, etc.
This kind of argument is similar to the one saying that "she provoked him and she is to blame". People who share this opinion should see on the Internet how Montreal Expos Jersey great of an erotic f6glgYboKTiwxNd Demarcus Ware Jersey Authentic fetishism the school uniform is for men! All the laughter from people who hear that argument will be the best evidence that what I have just written is very true. That is why I would firmly stick to that reaction.
Unless you're going to persuade the ladies who don't get what you're talking about - they'll probably stare goggle-eyed at you with astonishment. The results on the Internet should open their eyes to that problem. It's also typical that in countries where uniforms are most popular - for example, Great Britain or Japan - they have the most erotic connotations.
Evidence for that can be found in Google. If one looks for "school uniform" in Google, one will encounter pages presenting uniforms as erotic fetishism. Yet, once you insert "schoolgirl" or "school uniform" in Google, you'll be flooded by a great number of pornography sites!!!
Summing up, if anyone believes that girls in uniforms will be safer, is definitely wrong. On the contrary, this kind of clothing may just attract more deviants.
2. Uniforms Green Bay Packers Rodgers Jersey will prevent fashion and vanity ecstasy
a. Uniform requiring clothing of a specified colour and cut e.g. white blouse/shirt; navy blue sweater/cardigan, capitals jersey grey skirt/trousers. But the school doesn't impose any shop or brand.
The 'fashion parade' will stop only seemingly, because the need for individual expression cannot be suppressed by uniforms. Children and teenagers will certainly find other Montreal Expos Jersey ways to emphasize their distinctness, and to show their alleged superiority over other children. Thus, Demarcus Ware Jersey Authentic capitals jersey if a school uniform consists of a navy blue sweater/cardigan/shirt and grey Kids Tim Tebow Jersey skirt/trousers, one child will have the most expensive, designer sweater/cardigan/shirt and designer skirt/trousers, while the other will New York Rangers Authentic Jersey wear old, stretched rags. Where is that New York Rangers Authentic Jersey equality?
One cannot compare two sweaters just because they have the same colour and name. People who are still in favour of introducing school uniforms, should familiarize themselves with experiences in that field taken from other countries.
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