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feel a person's mood ugg boots sale uk genuine

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has been a melancholy child
Always thought that God did not give me open a road to make money, as if I tied the old imprison such a vivid and pathetic life. Old and let my feelings door gate free wandering, sometimes hard to tell whether it is night and day. When we wake up, obviously night as during the day, when we wake up, pulled the curtain fabric; obviously night as during the day, because its lights. In this black and white reversed time and confusion already broken the general law of life. Want to when to eat, when to eat, when to sleep, and since what sleep and starting, sometimes not eat one day also. In fact, I did not blame God from the heart, I thought, this is just my life, like the stars in the sky is necessary in that track, I'm going to live in this melancholy track. Since fated, I have become accustomed to the melancholy remains silent, as if to be spent in smoke life. In fact, I smoke never aspirated into the lungs, nose, no smoke, I just smoke one and immediately spit it out, I found a lot of friends, that I turned out to spoil smoke. The smoke is not my hobby, I also know that smoking damages health. But do not know why,ugg website uk sale, from the first romance in my life, upset the incredible, pumping on the smoke. Or troops when we get along, love for three years, and finally do not know what I want to break out, and knowing still love her, is it test you? Results each return to his hometown, and she gave me back several letters, but his family said the old me, I did not give back, and finally she was married to a fit of anger she do not mind a little edge of men. I do not know why, the older this type of mistake, Is there no other way to test a person, definitely yes, while I'm not a application. Mind plainly say breaking up wounding, but also hurt themselves,ugg website uk sale, but also then said, feeling his own sick mind like I walked not say no. So who else can forgive me, took me to Divorce several years alone for many years, for years, find yourself some old, his white hair a lot, their plight drink a lot, a lot of his own spirit in a daze. Over the years, I did not thought she did not even dream dreamed about her. Now my heart does not fit two people, one is the force of love, the other is the first time the users of online dating, the two men I can not let go. They used all love me, even a very tough battle, all the time I have in their side. Mom work very deft users dumplings speed quickly, they feel that the little one will work will be able to let you eat mouth, this indicates to me like the first would not comment on her singing how to. But friends she is sick, colitis, often swollen legs, the sometimes heart beat accelerate accelerated can jump more than 110 per minute under. But love is not happy, with them often quarreled, wizened bones, body small problems continue, eye cataracts, sometimes what is not clear. I'm really very worried for them, I really want to help them, to make modest, just strong lack heart. Although, once I put them all hurt, do not want to talk to me, I think they will be in our hearts always thinking about me, I am also very Qiannian them. Sorry, that is my first love,ugg website uk sale, and she laid the life of a girl a first kiss gave me, she gave me heart. In fact, no matter who abandon and the choices that are right, it is often said that ---- fate. Together is also the edge, the the breakups edge. In fact, happiness is not happiness does not say, if we make a little happy mood, there will be no more wish, for me, they are a family man, for the home, might me the cold, you can understand, I do not want their hearts always filled me, as the mood will be very heavy, perhaps best can I forget, perhaps can their hearts to put an end to my love and misery. I wish them every day is happy, and I hope that their misery on me, I go to carry, I can carry any distance, I am willing to let them live easier. I am also willing to bear the pain for a broadcast audience, she is an audience of people look at me from a distance, I was very moved, regardless of her share did not share my depression and troubles, I have felt that she was trying to carefully temperature to resolve all my Xueshuang, she is in pain when I am most vulnerable and most helpless, always want to chat with me, I do not have time, she always concern QQ,ugg website uk sale, I have been told me so - --- brother, regardless of her help did not help me on my future, just want to chat with me, then talk chanting. In fact, their pain and suffering, I want to carry on my shoulder, even like Taishanyading, I am also willing to quietly pay for their mind. To be honest, I always say want to die, I really want opinions Yanwang Ye, I could not even Yan Wangye little heart side are not, but his hair on fire and I'm afraid of him, how he wanted to torture me on how to torture me, he thought Let me how to how well he could not, then I tied in painful purgatory continue refining, continue to torment what can I do? Maybe he punish me, punish the wayward and ignorant, then fine, even if it will not let me die, I can really hold on, might be able to punish a small talent. I know, rest in peace, my grandmother would go to my pleading, my grandmother would not let me die, My grandmother was worried about my future let me say something nice, do not come up that temper regardless of whether it will be at a disadvantage, I listen Grandma's words. My teenage grew up in Grandma bed feeling the grandmother's breasts. Grandma was very distressed me, she always put good meals on hot pot, waiting for I came back from school to eat. Grandmother never said in the mouth, I was a silly child will say, perhaps, in the heart of me. The grandmother is a lifelong vegetarian, married to my grandfather from the age of sixteen, 19-year-old began to kowtow to burn incense and pray to Buddha altar, until 86 years old. The grandmother no white distressed me, in the the grandmother last hospitalization, I carried the grandmother upstairs downstairs to check the body, despite the sweaty grandmother's kindness only use it compensates. Wrote this,ugg website uk sale, I really do not want to write down, Grandma overnight was brain blood vessel blockage, then leave this world. Grandmother's disease, may be in a hurry and dad get angry too. Dad Gejie seven families to support, so Grandma has always favored the father, but he called the grandparents came around the time,ugg website uk sale, his old mother and noisy, do not know how it happened, just shout it, will not feel bad mother. At that time, he and his mother in the street selling fruit, that big winter more than cold, ah, he is still the mothers themselves on the street, own some wine to go back to sleep, sleep enough to go to the street I do not know how a dislike, gave the mother face look . Mother sometimes swallow their anger, and so take it back, but also drinking mother will not let dry rack, and mother, my grandmother came and tried to mediate the father is not listening to that. We are not afraid of a joke, my hours Notepad began, I heard my father and mother quarrel, sometimes not very upset to have to take a chopper to chop the pig. Dad said the old mother culture, perhaps the mother is not gentle or how old Mama fact, mother of 19-year-old married father, my mother is a very hard working, very carefully live, even off a table and a rice mother picked up eating. Home in the northeast was the mother from dawn to dusk how hard wait bookmakers throughout the year, and my father ate and drank, can Shuaqian lose, my mother crying distressed. Father sister brother 7, someone flies than he was, someone now has millions. Then with anger grandparents tried to persuade her mother to divorce him, but to the courts dad separated, then Xiebaozhengshu mother, but also like a few days, but finally bad mother, angry people who do not care for him, willing sawed sawed, so friends and relatives gave him a dirty look, last every day drinking the stomach burned out and left the earth. Dad is on the whole I could not lift their heads before their relatives, they mentioned a father my heart tremble, do not know what to say, had nothing to say. Which relatives and I do not want to go, I do not just ask, I do not want them to look down on me. Mother in this life, and Dad really unhappy, they even Laoke time seems to be no, they would not stop and talk about feelings, always so nervous trouble, which can only blame dad can not blame mother because the dad know our mistakes and do not change. This time my mother heart operation dad, and now for me to worry about,ugg website uk sale, because after my divorce has not yet married, to be honest,ugg website uk sale, I owe the mother too much, I can not filial, she brought her daughter wait to junior high. Whenever saw his mother, copper-colored face, wrinkles after another, I wanted to hide while crying. Sometimes I kiss mothers face, to the mother's spiritual solace it. Courage, sometimes tears could not conceal his melancholy life may bring up my melancholy and saw the pedestrian street, no one seems happy than I am better than I the sun, as if my feeble body never to fight really good lack of storm willing to be so melancholy it. Think a day can have a career of their own development, the studio, the singers have their own culture and record companies, let alone a car own villa, in fact, this is repeatedly while longer efforts to desire. There are around there love their lover, will be a day, with a wife and kids to travel around the world. Also want to give the world leave own one classic works, even on one, I have not in vain in this world, came to this world also makes sense. Sometimes I did not think old thinking to do something for someone else, and can now really powerless, they can feed themselves on the good, you feel a decadent feel a vegetative state, sometimes others around her and talk to me, I have not heard it, staring at an item in a daze of that peering silly. True and some people say I am silly old for the sake of others, do not think for themselves, my mother on the old say me, maybe there is something else. In fact, I sometimes depression joker and funny and one will be music, people amused smile intestines sub music hurts music until the so-called humorous side, flowers band does not have a In fact, I do not like what bad dancing bad play mahjong the those occasions comma can not find my shadow, it sometimes will spare time playing with landowners. Sometimes that do not want to go a hundred miles away from Beijing also do not want to play, friends say I do not want to play, I ride are sitting pretty annoying, really do not want to sit, and sometimes ride dizziness panic. Sometimes Daibu Zhu, chat and friends, in fact, nothing to talk funny bored child pictures, that is. Sometimes I'm not unwilling to talk, is not aiming high, sometimes hair wood, the wood is, you do not know talk about what, for fear of their own impatience hurt others, is so reluctant to talk, but sometimes other people is good for me, I really feel, do not know that I am the night. This is not my defiant, just think who can wholeheartedly for me, care about me. Now, just feel a world roaming, feel a person's mood, do not know which side of which is the shore, to feel the pleasant breeze coming in this spring open window, and the waves of refreshing. However, the willow plush scraping a hospital,ugg website uk sale, the elm money scraping a hospital, mess a hospital, wind ups and downs, this will be blown that one will be blown, and finally drifted where possible and start people from go to want to go over ah. Sparrow called in after the window of a small woods branches can be so cute that two small sparrow with a small claw Britain moved to the same branch with Minato, and then the other gently flapping its wings, as if to the impulse,ugg website uk sale, and then and it was mouth-to-mouth kiss, as if to say what sweet words and removed. Then passive would only expand the exhibition plumage, and gently shook it, and moving with happiness doubled before quietly turn fly away. In fact, natural beauty of nature, the natural nature of the mysterious, sometimes than the earth in the chaos, I think, much more intrigue and strong. Really want to move towards the natural world, and out of the open world worldly things, to salvage their own ideas from the secular world, to nature, and nature-oriented, heart to Nature, Nature has given a thorough physical and psychological baptism of. In fact, this world have a lot of hard to break away, share thoughts, share of misses, share friendship affection, those greetings, a daughter's heart. If you go to a short trip that occur in nature, it is equal to the body and mind to do a brief rest, there are those who style worthy of appreciation.
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