I answered ugg classic short boot

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I answered ugg classic short boot

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18-year-old love
Then how do I also did not expect to own soldiers when for 25 years, but did not think a nameless impulse when I want to leave home, even for my journey of life, planted a meaning can not think of foreshadowing. I go to school earlier, so after graduating from high school, around the same age, many still test high school and bustle. Not far from my house Dayan, two Yan is. Dayan, two Yan While learning in general, but the two looks are particularly beautiful,ugg slippers for men, but also very quiet. Big people say, who would later be able to marry them when their daughter-in-law,ugg slippers for men, then it is lucky. Two Yan, her shy sweet smile see the stranger, more so that I can not forget. I was no more thought, but I feel that they have been beloved two Yan just for environmental reasons, I was not able to express her own meaning Bale. Before I am a soldier left his home a few days, my mind could not help generate a nameless impulse, that is, to express my admiration to the two Yan. Although they were our age are small, but the army for three years can not go home,ugg slippers for men, this is when I signed up for the army, the family repeatedly warned my troop discipline. That time, the three-year period of time, for me, is how far. After three years, the world still do not know will become a what? I was secretly underground with determination, must go before good to talk with her. Think things,ugg slippers for men, but I was hesitant. Our two was not far away,ugg slippers for men, but no more exchanges. Is able to find a reason to her about it, I can say something to her, then? Time to fly and generally passes the blink of an eye, shipment of recruits coming. On the day before I left home, the opportunity has finally arrived. At noon, when I go out, I encountered in the doorway of her home two Yan. Second Yan said, I heard that if you want the army to go? I said, leaving tomorrow. She asked me where a soldier ah? I said Yantai. Second Yan said, Yantai Well, there is the sea. The two of us, almost she ask, I answer one, had wanted to say to her, all I do not know go to where to go. Soldier can not come back for three years, you do not want the house? She suddenly asked me. Homesick how can you not want to do, I answered, she said, is to the troops homesick old stay at home, do not go out and exercise their own. Here, the two of us were silent. At that moment, I suddenly came inspiration, and I said to her, if I miss, I write to you, will you give me reply this? At this time two Yan looked up at me to say, we are childhood friends grew up with, you wrote to me, of course I will give you a reply. Although she only defines our relationship to the friends grew up together, but my heart is still warm. My from recruits links industry, after I put my written her first letter passionate text, sent to her school. That year, she had just liters of high school. I still clearly remember the inside are encouraged her to learn well, but I feel that is not gorgeous, but sincere words, will definitely give the the sinking girl's heart becomes scalding. Two Yan did not go back on, I soon received her reply. She told me after she received my letter very pleased, although the past, we do not have good exchanges, but in my letter, see into the forces this time, I suddenly mature, very happy for me. She also encouraged me to do it, listening to the leadership in the army, to fight to be admitted to a military academy. If the home is what can be used to her, although she said. In this way, we began to frequent correspondence,ugg slippers for men, write to her and wait for her reply, I became an important part of the entire life. In the meantime, I would like to ask Dayan, but was afraid of her highly sensitive nature of this matter, there is no lift. However, accidentally, in the second year I joined the army Colleges Admissions, I did not have the opportunity to take the test until the third year, I was fortunate enough to walked into the door of the Military Academy. This year after she graduated from high school, was admitted to the holy city of Teachers, in her letter to me,ugg slippers for men, the last signature, also become Military Academy was tightly winter vacation, a total of five-day vacation in the New Year. Began her time to prepare for the winter vacation to the school to see me, she is not a coincidence that illness could not make the trip, we'll meet scheduled in my two years of military school life only a summer. In the letter I told her to wait until the holidays,ugg slippers for men, I was at school waiting for her to join us in Wuhan Wan Jitian, and then by boat to Nanjing, Shanghai, and then go home. The saying goes, the unexpected outbreak, that is, in the spring of this year, our school has to accept the task as a sport will show in Wuhan group calisthenics. Blink of an eye to the summer, not to mention holiday home, the school clearly defined,ugg slippers for men, and all the families of the students will be allowed to come to the school. An order,ugg slippers for men, I had this unfortunate news to write and tell me the swallows. Swallow is a sensible man, and she said some future time, it and other Chinese New Year, She does not believe that she will get sick. Not really the summer of next year also, when we graduated, she had wages, and also do not need the money to someone else. This year, God seems to be particularly cares for us like this pair of lovers institutions the first time to start the winter holiday. My own home, even the people at home have not told specifically tell the swallows. I walked out of the station, to see standing in front of me turned out to be big swallow, I eagerly asked two Yan did not come how? Dayan smiled and said to me, how she followed the nerve to such a thing? Her words made me confused, it seems that I suddenly understand everything. God, ah, how do you give me such a big joke! See her face bright look, I do not know what to say. Dayan accompany with me came home, came home in this long-awaited her here than I seem also familiar home for the elderly, and had her as their own people.
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