The Best Types of Large Plastic Containers for Ne

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The Best Types of Large Plastic Containers for Ne

Postby ufi07173w » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:11 am

The Best Types of Large Plastic Containers for New Candy Stores
UGGs for Cheap Acrylic bins might be the best choice for displaying unwrapped candy, but if you’re a new candy store owner searching for plastic containers to display kinds of candy, you can’t overlook large plastic containers.
UGGs Bailey Button Large plastic containers are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, which makes it easier for you to create the most attractive, efficient, and convenient candy displays for you and your customers.
UGGs Bailey Button Below are four of the most commonly used large plastic containers around. These containers work well to display wrapped candy in a number of places: your countertops, tabletops, floors, and even walls!
UGGs Bailey Button Hexagon Containers
UGGs Bailey Button The unique shape of plastic hexagon containers actually helps them to act as space savers. You can situate these containers side by side (flat sides flush with one an) on your countertop, tabletop, floor display racks, or wall shelves and get more out of your display space than you would with round or even square plastic containers.
UGGs Bailey Button Fish Bowl Containers
UGGs Bailey Button Plastic fish bowl containers are nearly iconic in the candy store business. You can find fish bowl containers that are perfectly round or that have flat sides, which makes it easy for you to create the perfect display no matter what kind of candy you’re display or where you’re displaying it.
UGGs Bailey Button Tip: Large fish bowl containers that are completely round don’t work as well to save space as those with flat sides. If you use large fish bowl containers that are completely round, you might only be able to use a few depending on the size of your display space. Plan accordingly.
UGGs Bailey Button Groove Top Containers
UGGs Bailey Button Like plastic hexagon containers, plastic groove top containers are great space savers. The grooves on the tops of these fixtures allow you to position the containers one on top of the , making the most of your candy display space. Just be sure not to make the “tower” too tall – your customers have to be able to reach the candy to buy it!
UGGs Bailey Button Plastic Hinged Lid Containers
UGGs Bailey Button As mentioned above, acrylic bins and containers are the best choices for storing and displaying unwrapped candy (some health departments even require the candy stores in their states to use acrylic fixtures); however, plastic hinged lid containers work just as well with wrapped candies and they offer a little extra protection from customers who might have the kind of “sticky fingers” that don’t come from eating sweets!
UGGs Bailey Button
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