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times this morning uggs uk official site sale

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heavier father
Time :2012-05-03 11:17 Source: Author: Click: times this morning, the father and son driving a boat fishing. However, the father and son are just out to sea soon, they encounter a storm. All of a sudden, the sea blustery, monstrous waves, fishing boat east shake West Akira, father and son are especially afraid of, they hastened to sail their fishing boats back in time. In the storm, even though the father and son desperately forward,uk ugg boots on sale cheap, but every step forward, it will be storms push back a half step. They are more and more tense, more and more afraid. Start time, father and son,bailey ugg boots for sale, the distance is not very far, but with the wind and waves bumps farther and farther away, father and son, and later they can not see each other, not any point in the other information. This makes them more nervous and afraid. However, they do nothing, only desperately forward. The father side back in time, while tears, he really regrets today fishing with his son. But for his idea, son, how might encounter a storm. If the son dies, he also how to live? The father thought of his son,kensington uggs for sale, very anxious. He could not help to call out the name of his son, but the son did not get any response. The father Pinmingdixiang forward, he thought maybe her son in his front, because the sea when his son after him, the U-turn when her son has been in the front. However,cheap real ugg boots, his progress very far, did not see his son, even he was not even his son fishing boats also do not see. He wants his son's ship sink it? No! No! Father while loudly calling his son's name,uk ugg stockists, while desperately sail their fishing boats forward. The father did not know how long, and ultimately, his fishing boat beached in rough bumps. However, he did not see his son,ugg australia sale uk, and I did not see even the son of the fishing boat. Father suddenly collapsed to the ground and burst into tears. Son is indeed an accident, his boat was overturned by the winds and waves, the ship sank down,jimmy choo uggs uk, and he fell into the sea. Although he's a good swimmer,classic tall ugg boots on sale, but in the storm, he eventually a little bit of sink down. The soul of the son of Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind, ultimately received by the angels before God. God looked at his son, said with a sigh: live it! damn who is my father, but now he not dead? doubts. God shook his head and said: ,real ugg boots for sale! killed him, I should not have called him out to sea ah! Next quickly pulled him,genuine uggs, asked him: ? Tightly pulled him tightly ...... God said to his son: son shook his head and said: will be overturned by the wind and waves, and your dad are safe and sound!
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