NBA Basketball Jerseys 43893

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NBA Basketball Jerseys 43893

Postby pogzs57w » Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:17 pm

Those of us that crave sugar know just how addictive sweet foods are and how they can lead to weight gain and low self esteem as we continue to eat and eat even though we do not feel hungry. This craving for saccharin food has a number of different sources, some physical and Baby Football Jersey some psychological and understanding these causes is key to understanding how to stop sugar cravings.

There are two physical reasons for sugar Used NBA Jerseys cravings:

When our body needs energy it secretes a hormone called adrenaline NBA Basketball Jerseys which boosts our Used NBA Jerseys awareness, reaction speed and other functions to deal with an emergency. This was a defense mechanism when we relied on our fight or flight instincts but that we rarely use in today's society. We do however trigger the need for energy in other ways primarily being stress. Stress caused by dealing with work situations or relationships also release adrenalin even NBA Basketball Jerseys though we perhaps do not need such energy hits. The downside to this is that these stressful situations drain the body of energy and it leads to a need for a quick energy China NHL Jerseys hit such as sugar. In a high stress environment this can happen many times leading to a vicious cycle of sugar cravings and addiction.

The hormone serotonin is the feel good part of NBA Jerseys For Women our bodily system. Sugars release short bursts of serotonin making us feel good for a while but it quickly fades,Seattle Supersonics Kevin Durant Jersey, this can be dangerous when our body has low serotonin levels as the short high we get from a Baby Football Jersey sugar hit does not change the naturally low levels which lead to more and more hits of sugar to feel good again. Hormonal NBA Jerseys For Women imbalanced and poor nutrition are the main culprits when it comes to serotonin levels and changing your diet and exercise to fix your metabolism is the Notre Dame Authentic Football Jersey only real cure.
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