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Mlb Authentic Jerseys 8504

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What are File Associations?,Design Own Hockey Jersey

A Mlb Jersey Sale computer knows how to work with thousands of different file types because it contains an index that tells it which programs are associated with which types of files. More than one program can be associated with any given file format. For example, PhotoShop and Microsoft Paint are both capable Customize Baseball Jersey of opening .jpeg files. However, only one can be Baseball Jersey Size the "default program." In fact, depending on which Mlb Jerseys Authentic version of Windows you are running, one of the ways that you can manage your computer's file associations is through a utility named "Default Programs."

Why Do File Associations Break?

Computers are dynamic machines,Old School Denver Nuggets Jersey, constantly changing. You add new software,Team Usa Jersey Basketball, apply operating system and program updates,Throwback Baseball Jersey, add new devices, update device drivers,San Diego Chargers Authentic Jersey, and interact with others online. Each of these activities alters the computer's configuration. It's not uncommon to install a new application Mlb Authentic Jerseys and accept its default settings. The only trouble is, some setup programs are programmed Authentic Mlb Jerseys to change your computer's settings so that the new application becomes the new default program for certain file types. For example, if you install a new photo editing program, it may suddenly become the new default program for any type of graphic. This may be fine if you like the program and want to use it extensively. On the other hand, it may be annoying if you prefer to use a different program most of the time.

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