Red coral necklace could not be sent cheap authent

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Red coral necklace could not be sent cheap authent

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Red coral necklace could not be sent
Dear little sister, if there is an afterlife, promised we also do the brothers and sisters, even if the year, month and even my in Qingdao I always feel sorry for the young girl, the young girl in Dongguan. Young girl I was three years old, the youngest daughter pet parents, but because it is a girl, only to get a bit of love. Almost every family in the rural patriarchal male chauvinism in power, the parents are no exception. Poor family, wonderful food often become the ultimate yearning of our brothers and sisters. Butcher every New Year, sold, leaving some around us at the table wearing new clothes bites should cheered some. In peacetime, the sister's treatment is far less than me. For example, I eat boiled eggs and flour, the young girl only chewing hard Wotou often tears fall into the bowl. I do not have the heart to make egg pick to little sister, and mother folder back. The father said his sister, eat your brother, your brother is a boy. They always say something like this, your brother is a boy. This sentence young girl sad, but do nothing. Over time, I have got used to this preferential treatment, spoiled by the parents of a lot of bad habits: selfish, greedy, self-righteous, eat well dressed. Exasperating is that my grades did not always have a little sister well,buy uggs cheap, she was the top third in the grade, and I have only a mid-stream. I'm on the third day little sister on the first day, in order to raise the tuition of high school, the parents decided to let the young girl to drop out. Came back from school that day, the young girl happily come up with the new report card and handed his father, his father aside, smoking a pipe down, casually said: Columbia is the pillar of the family. Father said: The next morning I tried to convince my father, but the father did not ignore. The young girl's eyes glowing, nobody looked lonely. Farming at home after the young girl out of school. Three years later, my entrance exam,uggs sale cheap, learn from their mistakes, decided to return home to farm. The father is suffering from severe arthritis and can not stay for another heavy work, the mother has heart disease,very cheap uggs, I should be provoked to this home. Little sister just came back from the fields to lay down their hoes and said quietly: She went to Dongguan, far from home, go remitted 500 dollars per month, I do not know what she was doing, but listen to the parents to say, a fellow can not stand the tired cried home, as do 16 hours a day. She is still a child labor ah. However, the young girl in the letter just said: Brother, study hard, help me when reading. How could I not a good read? Anyhow, I was admitted to the Qingdao Ocean University. However, the huge tuition prohibitive. I was ready to give up, after all, is too weak, the young girl's shoulders. But she came a further letter, let me go to college, she said: Order to earn enough money for tuition, summer vacation, I go out to work, what dirty work tired all the work done. Each time they are reprimanded, each tired bending beneath, I want to cry. Not for yourself, think of four of the young girl has such a wage. She is really hard-earned money for me to save the future ah. I was secretly vowed, must repay the young girl in the future! Are Romantic money four years of college, I spent every minute, as if printed her weak back. She missed me, write to me, but do not want to buy a train ticket to see me. Her grow up to the age of 18, had never seen the sea, I took up my beach photos sent to her, she and his companions to show off: This is my brother in Qingdao. , Qingdao, the young girl in Dongguan, the brother school sister working. The 18-year-old girl wearing a red necklace little sister as fast as 18-year-old birthday, I had asked her to be what a gift, she said, her colleagues wearing a red coral necklace, is said to bring good luck and love will give girls I want a kind necklace. I promised her brother to buy you. Into the university, I am talking about a beautiful girlfriend, spending little sister constantly send money supply. Perhaps an early age I was spoiled, guilt and gratitude may have become numb, Later, I took the little sister of money right and proper, but inadvertently forget the promise. After graduation, I left in Qingdao, earning just enough to make ends meet, to pay the rent depleted. Been paid for, I occasionally think of the sister that red coral necklace, and said to myself: next time, next time. Funded through college,cheap ugg boots online, the young girl to obey the orders of the parents returned home. She was originally part romance,cheap authentic uggs, boyfriend also wage earners, but the parents old need people in beside her relative to a village of farmers married. I in Qingdao, only she can take up the task of to take care of their parents. She wrote to me to say: this amount of money is really pitiful. But living in the city, exchanges, love needs money, How can I have money left over? Then girlfriend and I love her girls Qingdao dinner going to have exotic places, Dress famous brand. I had to take her back home, she suspected my home rustic, that the dish does not taste good, although I am angry, but does not fit her. The mother said she was not right for me, I will answer: to take root in Qingdao,buy uggs cheap, find a local girl ... when I become so secular? Young girl married the birthday happens girlfriend to birthday gift every day pestering, said fancy a pair of earrings, as long as 1,000 dollars. I hesitated, she pursed his lips to complain early to know you do not really love me! Helpless, and I had to spend a red envelope, the little sister's wedding, I did not have the nerve to go back and lie and say the units too busy with the young girl. She does not blame me, I was more uneasy. Year later, I got married, the young girl to actually slips me 2000 dollars a red envelope. I would not want to say that they did not give you a penny, full spend your money. Who let the brother promising it, brother, there is time to go back home, my parents want How about you, young girl said. Arthritis is more severe when the father is a young girl has been intimate care. Qingdao a few days, she also large bags to buy food to buy complementary, said to his wife, your sister look redneck town and buy something more than bad taste ah, you see she send me this sweater, out how to dress? in my mind, the position of the young girl than the parents' weight, because there is no young girl would be no me today. My wife and I cried, and said to his wife, it is her life! I blocked was speechless, tears streaming down. That is not her life, is the kind help her stand sits too selfish relatives. Afterlife I do your sister in another year, I have a child. Little sister has no children, and there was not a doctor, but also to no avail. Brother-in-law saw is particularly rude people this hands played little sister, I caught, I warned him, he said, raising hens can lay eggs, why she did not give me a child? Child No one with a wife said, let your sister to two years to help Zan it. I embarrassed openings, because the young girl should take care of their own home. But his wife carrying a telephone call, on the third night, the sister carrying simple luggage and came to my home. Since then, the young girl became his son's nanny, to wash the dirty wash, clothing puzzled with a home away from home dishes clean, and pet our family, even his wife's underwear should be washed, leftovers snatched eat. Wives so hard heart and I could not help but say, your sister is really good. Later, the brother-in-law's insistence, the little sister divorced. I want to find objects in Qingdao to her, she was very handsome, and talented people, remarry should not be difficult, the parents were on the phone said, from she did not let the young girl to come home. Young girl with no complaints home, refused to remarry, farming vegetables take care of their parents. Parents say, I did not expect, but expect most loved daughter, the past is really unworthy of her! Contrast, although I send some money to go back in the big cities, the Chinese New Year holidays, but what means on. They said, sorry for my little sister. Little sister never complained, said parents and brother are my closest relatives, are you, I like. My little sister, never thought of himself, she thought always love her. However, her love of Big Brother,cheap kids uggs, but never properly repay her. For various reasons,cheap real ugg boots, I always evasive. Have children after marriage to have children after the loan to buy a house, all in all,cheap mens uggs, I always have endless things. Flash graduated decade, when I have a sea-facing house, driving a nice car, I received a phone of his father, his dumb channel: you come home, you little sister to die. Did not really love her, thinking she is a woman of iron while she Zaikuzailei to simply tough it out with until this moment. When I saw her, she was speechless. I grabbed my little sister, and asked her if she would like to say what you want to what? Her hand weakly than painted, I see that the shape of a necklace. That was ten years ago, I promised my sister's, but it has been my commitment ignored. It is said that the kind of red coral necklace, will give the girls bring good luck and love, that is the sister only wish. The 28-year-old little sister hurried, I could no longer see tears bolted out and bought the best red coral necklace, slumped on the ground can not see her parents howl. Dear little sister, and if there is an afterlife, promise me do a brother and sister, even a year,cheap men uggs, a month or even a day, so you do brother, I did a little sister, so that you too will be pet day, experience loved happiness is ... ...
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