The best prospects for the next decade cheap baby

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The best prospects for the next decade cheap baby

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The best prospects for the next decade, top ten entrepreneurial industry
Smart entrepreneurs, which industry prospects in the next decade is the best? The selected 10 industries, and that there will be a great space for development and entrepreneurial opportunities in these industries. The U.S. population is gradually aging; jobs being transferred overseas; computer is becoming a part of our daily lives. The development trend of some people does not mean much, but for entrepreneurs is key to business success. Look at how wealth, health and technology around business success. The beginning of the last century, the gasoline-powered car has declared the end of the carriage industry;, digital cameras are now bring fierce competition to the traditional giants such as Fuji and Kodak, and couples Photo Gallery. However, cars and digital cameras, while the impact of certain industries, but also spawned a new industry, such as auto insurance and Webcam. Smart entrepreneurs which industries are most promising to do? Based on our forecast of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment growth in 2002-2012, and a list of the most promising industries. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than three-quarters of the jobs are created by small businesses, therefore, following several industry will generate a lot of employment growth, certainly mainly from small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, our industry also produce very high growth rate of actual output value in the same period. The actual output value reflects the final output value of the output value of sales to other companies and flows to various markets. Impact on employment and real output forecast based on 10 selected from more than 40 industry within the next decade, the most promising industry. The top two First, network services, data processing and other information services, computer systems and related industries. Generation of baby boomers is entering old age, the impact of the industry up to four industries. Increasing the workday and more professional women to promote the development of the seventh-largest industry: child care services. This is not to say that entrepreneurship in these industries will easily; within the next decade, the demand for these products and services of the industry will increase, but the competition will become more intense. In order to understand the current situation and future prospects, we interviewed the top ten industry ten successful business people, to understand their views on the prospects for the development of various industries. They will tell us will face challenges, but also pointed out that there will be what business opportunities. After listening to the stories they tell, plus a list of information, you will know how not to become engaged in the carriage industry in 1913. Instead, you will learn how the correct choice (for example, if in 1913, you will choose to open gas stations). Top ten industries: 1. Network services, data processing and other information services industry. Computer systems and related services industry. Software industry 4. Employment services industry 5. Management and technology consulting industry. Home health care industry. Personal financial adviser industry. Childcare services industry. Arts and entertainment industry 10. Film and television industry, network services, data processing and other information services industry to check the Internet to solve! The Internet can be used to buy cars, upgrade software, check the goods and store information, compare the prices, conduct research, and do various other things. Within the next ten years, the application of the network will be more extensive and will continue to increase our dependence on their performance. Therefore,real cheap uggs, this industry will be the first choice for business within the next decade. To promote the development of the networking industry has two factors: First, the computer price cuts so that more people can be conditional use, the second is to speed faster. According to market research firm eTForecasts said, the world 850 million computers, an increase of 70% over 2000; eTForecasts forecast to 1.4 billion computers will be put into use in 2010. Not only the increase in the number of computer, and also increase the number of wireless Internet computer. From 2000 to 2010, the worldwide wireless Internet access computers from the 19% increase to 55%, so that the global number of Internet users reached 20 million, accounting for about one-third of the world's total population. , According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the output value of the network services industry growth rate of 10.3% annually, ranking first in all industries. Employment growth in this industry is also very amazing, to reach 46.4%, also among the top five. Representative enterprises: Tech Target, computer systems and related services industry dependent enhancement of information technology and computer prices fall to 2012, computer design, and the employment rate of the service industry will grow by 55%, to become entrepreneurs industries. The output value of the industry will have a benign growth, the annual growth rate of 9.0%. Network hardware, software and communication technologies will be the main growth point. There is a computer security because hackers and viruses within the next decade will increase. Mobile technologies, such as wireless fidelity technology (WiFi), will become more popular; counselors will also increase demand for technology integration consulting. The representative enterprises: The New berry Group 3 software industry from the family business to the multinational corporations to small businesses, IT has quickly become the 21st century lifeline. Due to the reliance on information technology, the next decade the U.S. software publishing industry will increase by 68% of the jobs, than the previous decade's growth slowed slightly. Every day new software developed until 2012, the industry will be an annual 8.4% the proportion of growth. A software spawned another software, because the function of a variety of products complement each other, so that the software industry is also one of the best industry to become entrepreneurial environment. For example, the Internet gave birth to eBay and other e-commerce sites, eBay has spawned PayPal (translated as needs. With the increasing number of software, the demand for complementary products will also increase. Coupled with the people's increasing dependence on computers worldwide, it is not difficult to see that the software publishing industry full of opportunities. Representative enterprises: Infoglide, employment services industry in today's corporate environment, competition is fierce, staff mobility. Increased reaction time, many companies are choosing to hire temporary employees, in order to maintain productivity without increasing management costs. This trend is expected to last until 2012, so the employment rate of the employment services industry will grow by 54%. According to our survey, the employment service will become one of the home health care industry, while the latter is also is the sixth largest industry. Hospitals and other medical institutions will rely on temporary employees to meet the aging baby boom generation. From now to 2012, due to the complexity of the employees, labor claims and medical insurance policies, minority employment service agencies to provide human resources consulting services will be a lot of demand. Employment training required agencies will also grow,cheap authentic uggs, but the growth rate is not as good as temporary service. While more and more companies want talent selection by the external employment services company,cheap authentic uggs, online employment site will capture most of the market. In short, from now to 2012,real cheap uggs, the annual output value of the industry will be 5.1% rate of growth. Representative firm: Sedona Staffing 5, management and technology consulting industry with the expansion of the economies of scale as well as the nature of the enterprise is more increasingly complex, the demand for counselors will also increase. Consulting industry,cheap real ugg boots, which makes 55% of the employment growth in space, the actual output will have an annual growth rate of 4.1% until 2012. As more and more enterprises in the development of business planning book, budget and business strategies need help, business advisory has good prospects for development. There will be a large demand marketing consultant, chain restaurants and retailers need to siting and marketing planning recommendations. With the increase in the number of enterprises, economic expansion, and will also increase the number of logistics consulting firm. Also, companies will still need to consultants familiar with the policy, in order to adapt to the policies and regulations of the government. There will be a lot of demand with the strengthening of its degree of global economic integration, outsourcing consulting. In addition, overseas business development company will be a substantial increase in demand. Representative enterprise: The Mile stone Group 6, the home health care industry to the health services industry, the overall employment rate to 2012 only to grow by 28%, but the employment rate for home health care services industry is nearly twice that of the health services industry 54.4%. According to the American Society of Home Care,cheap mens uggs, said every year more than 7.6 million people received home health care services. Data according to the actuarial office of the U.S. Department of Health Statistics Group and the U.S. government Medicare and Medicaid Services Center, American families care consumer spending in 2004 to $ 45.2 billion. Demographic aging U.S. population growth rate is faster than the growth rate of the total population, and after World War II baby boom followed from the sharp decline of the fertility rate of women. In addition,cheap authentic uggs, advances in medical technology to extend the life of seriously ill patients and the elderly. Table enterprises: Quality Assured Services 7 personal financial adviser industry in addition to medical services,cheap baby uggs, the baby boom generation over the next decade, need to learn financial management, entrepreneurship such financial counseling to become the seventh largest industry. Financial advice only from a demographic point of view, is a growth industry. If the Bush administration's policies are implemented, the privatization of social security, the growth of the financial advisor will be more than 45.7% of the government estimate. It is estimated that the Bush administration in this year to invest $ 54 billion; as long as a small part of the funds, the financial advisory industry in the next decade, there will be much room for profit, is also is a good choice. Representative enterprises: Ames Financial Planning 8, child care services industry 30 years ago, women began to join the labor force, a new industry: child care services. Day child care service has become one of America's fastest growing industry, the annual income of over 11 billion U.S. dollars. Because the more people will participate in the work of the 15-44 year-old women, the industry will be bigger and bigger. However, the next decade will change not only the number of professional women. With the gradually extend the working hours of 40 hours per week, working parents will need more child-care services, especially at night and on weekends. For these reasons, the the Thor service industry practitioners to 2012, an increase of 43%, the eighth-largest industry for the industry to become entrepreneurial. Representative enterprises: Hilde brand t Learning Centers 9, the arts and entertainment industry,cheap kids uggs, the baby boom generation will be the richest retirement class in the history of the United States. More money how to do it? Course is spent. They have plenty of time, like to enjoy life, thus stimulating the development of the arts and entertainment industry, including fitness clubs, resorts, yachts, golf course. The literary entertainment industry will have a number of young customers. Over the past decade, the American savings rate has declined, partly because of the growth in the cost of living, there is part of the reason for the increase in the consumption of luxury goods. This trend coupled with the needs of the baby boom generation, provides a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Representative enterprises: Contours Express 10, the film and television industry 50 years ago, we have only three TV channels; 30 years later, cable TV appears, channels increased to 40, which of course,cheap uggs for sale, great; Now, the United States and many other parts of the people there are more than 200 channels to choose. The movie industry is also similar development can only play a movie theater, beginning gradually disappear, replaced by 20 large-screen cinema. So a lot of programs require appropriate supporting industries, such as film and television production, issuance, advertising and engineering. The next decade, the number of employees of the television video industry will grow by 31%, the industry venture will become the tenth largest industry. Representative enterprises: AVSC
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