We should know that these two mice louis vuitton w

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We should know that these two mice louis vuitton w

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:14 am

We should know that these two mice
Not long ago , the American scientist named Modena Ersi two little mice do an experiment : his two little mice on a simulation of the natural environment ,louis vuitton wallet for women, and the pressure which a mouse gene all extracted the meters. The gray colored mice results would only take pressure genes is not always when walking or foraging cautious . That an area of about 500 square meters inside the simulation of the natural environment ,louis vuitton handbags on sale, the gray mouse life a series of ten days, without any accident . It even started winter food for their own savings , also began to get used to a human to intimidate it and music noise impact simulation space . While the other one was extracted pressure gene in mice from the outset, living in the excitement . The curiosity is much larger than the little squirrel ,cheap louis vuitton bags, it's just afraid of the the emulation space where Nature Reserve suddenly while to wind down something space shaven East West shake . Modena the Ersi Professor of Statistics show that mice only with the time of day to put the total space of 500 square meters of swaggering observed again ,louis vuitton wallet for women, the gray mouse with a nearly four days to get the entire simulation space all familiar . The rats last climb up the simulation space up to 13 meters rockery , the highest gray mouse only climb up filled with food that only 2 meters high hanging baskets . The results of the third day of the mice in the simulation space , no pressure and climb up the rockery that up to 13 meters ,cheap louis vuitton handbags, when the test can not pass a small stone block suddenly fell off and died . Gray mouse because there is a certain pressure , always cautious and careful ,louis vuitton handbags on sale, more than ten days after the test ,louis vuitton backpack, it was fresh to come out . We often complain around competition because of his lazy too intense , because their ability is not enough and stressed that the pressure is too much . In fact there is no pressure ,louis vuitton purses, we will be like a bird mice ,louis vuitton purses, we actually be able to ride out the worst of heights ,cheap kids uggs, falling off at the expense .
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