Data Star: Master Harvey dominated the final best goalkeeper

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Data Star: Master Harvey dominated the final best goalkeeper

Postby mumu252033 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:47 am

Beijing early morning of July 2nd, in the 2012 European Cup final, Spain 4 to 0 victory over Italy, became the first repeat winner in the history of European Cup team. The following is the game's data inventory:

The best players: Harvey ( micro-blog data ) ( Spain)
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The tournament, Harvey's performance has been uneventful, but in the finals, but he really shows his masterpieces. Two remember the desperate attack, Alba and Torres each scored a goal. Have to say, Harvey is absolutely the world nobody can the enemy 's true masters.

The worst player: Chiellini ( micro-blog data ) ( Italy)

He is the worst? Want to know now, but was substituted early due to injury. Yes, it is now! Shortly after the opening was by Fabregas, led directly to the first goal, Chiellini has the primary responsibility, and backward also directly disrupted Italy 's tactics, ultimately leading to a defeat.

Shooting the king: Pirlo ( Italy), Ramos ( Spain)

Although the four goal from Silva, Alba, Torres and Ma tower, but they are not in the game players take the most shots at the goal. Italy team Pirlo scored 3 shots, while the Spanish defender Ramos also has a 3 shot attempts. But they were not the goal.

Assists: Harvey ( Spain)

He is a true pass master, although only a gap in between, but Harvey was able to accurately capture. Two record accurate pass, even Italy iron defense, also does not block the attack. In 4 years 3 times champion, Harvey the record head.

Scoring: Silva ( Spain), Alba ( Spain), Torres ( Spain), Mata ( Spain)

Silva's header gave the game into the Spanish track, then they played the handy strikes back. Alba and Torres's goal, thanks to Harvey comfortable pass, and although Mata off the bench soon, but Torres selfless break assists, really very lucky.

The foul King: Arbeloa ( micro-blog data ) ( Spain)nfl jerseys

Arbeloa in the game to be conscientious and do one's best defense, didn't give them any chance. In the game, he has a total of 4 fouls, the two teams is up to the player to foul. But this does not affect the overall win in Spain, eventually winning the trophy they safely.

Steals: Peake King ( micro-blog data ) ( Spain)

Peake the game against Italian attacks crazily looked very calm, whether it is Balotelli or Cassano or Di Natale, they cannot exceed his defense. Peake scored a total of 5 steals, 3 of them successful, as the field steals king.

Biography: Wang Harvey ( Spain), Pirlo ( Italy)
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The entire game, Spain 's Harvey and Italy's Pirlo sent out 5 times to pass on, this field is a biography of the most number of players. Two people are in the team's master key, this data also reflects their value. But by contrast the Harvey effect more, after all, he dished out 2 assists data.

Save the king: Casillas ( Spain)buy cheap jerseys

Worthy of being the 4 goalkeeper Iker Casillas, making key saves, to secure the door yet. In 4 years, Casillas's 3 major trophies trophy cup. Perhaps many years later, he would become the people indulge in elaborating on the all-time greats. Its success has even surpassed the Geoff generation of god.
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