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Postby mumu252033 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:09 am

Since the since the beginning of the season, Milan ( AC micro-blog data ) actual person in charge Galliani and coach Allegri relationship appears to be better than the past two years has alienated many. Allegri Galliani personally selected by coach, rather than Berlusconi's admiration for the type, since 2010 since the teams, when Rafa to commander in revolt, Allegri always had the support of Galliani. But this year, " Milan sports newspaper " and other media have repeatedly been Allegri and Galliani have produced contradictory, of course this is mainly based on the team's construction train of thought. In the last week of the transferring market closure, Galliani has publicly with " but no excuses." such words to give coach issued won the order of death.
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" Football market " over the weekend that the author, said the relationship between two people really is no longer be a monolithic whole. In August 10th of last year, Galliani personally in Milan luxury hotel reservation for celebrating the birthday of Allegri, the same day birthday this year not only, or even reluctant to send greetings and blessings. In addition, two people originally on the weekend to dinner to discuss next year to build team project team, including injury problems discussion meeting, also because of personal Galliani cancelled. " Rome sports newspaper " the sums it up like this: " have gained nothing but last season, Galliani in the club and carrying too much pressure, the relationship between the two failed completely in reason.
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From " the market " and " Serie A ( micro-blog thematic ) online " the latest reports pointed out that, after summer team of the big shake-up, AC Milan for Huanshuai has fully taken into account, the hand of Galliani had replaced Allegri candidate, with Guardiola, Montella and van Basten. Has led the Barcelona ( micro-blog data ) successfully through 4 brilliant season Guardiola is truly a preferred, " the market " also revealed that, AC Milan has signed Spain raises abundantly, but also in the future in order to meet the melon handsome teams advance. Bojan in just a week ago to join Milan after referred several times to " Barca ( micro-blog data ) there are a lot of people would like to visit Milan to develop ", Italy and Spain both media thinks generally melon handsome and Fabregas is one of the biggest " suspect ". Although the melon leads and Bojan not between slightly, but the " daily sports newspaper " it was just a oneself person between small disagreements, AC Milan this summer, Ibrahimovic has been sold, melon handsome coach pave the way.

" Slow motion " is a reminder, in the past 15 years, plus Bojan has had 14 successively in Milan and Barcelona played for the player, like reiziger, DuGalle, Bogarde, Kluivert, Koko, Rivaldo, Albertini, Ronaldinho, Van Bommel, Zambrotta, Ronaldo, Davies and Ibrahimovic are typical representative, can say Barcelona and Milan between the transfer had been homely food. Today, melon handsome choice temporarily unemployed, apparently waiting for the time when seeking to return to coach. The 2012-13 season for Milan is unprecedented a difficult season, if "Allegri coached the poor results, just as the melon leads to take over the rally was facilitated
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