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Postby mumu252033 » Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:55 am

Laonie is really a bit old, from the field, a headdress flower white hair was, sitting in front of the computer cheap nfl jerseys to watch other players, fell asleep. Sometimes suddenly wake up, and then watch the game, but also can speak a black white good bad road to.

The Samsung insurance cup, the organizers will be the only one wild card awarded laonie, 8 years ago, laonie is by virtue of the wild card in the Tristar cup, for the first time in eight years, he once again to participate in the world competition is the Tristar cup. However, over the past 8 years, people have changed, he exclaimed: "the participating players the minimum and I differ by more than 40 years old! "

The opening ceremony, the first guests were seated at the front row, the players stand behind the photo. nfl jerseys Then guests back to the seat, the players then. Laonie want to did not want to follow the step down, until the player photo shot, organizers are not remembered, and a guest contestant did not participate in the photo.

Gu Li ( micro-blog ) first discovered this, laonie immediately laughed: " not for a long time as the player pictures, when all the guests when be used. "

For this competition, laonie to expense in venues Kempinski Hotel, but was told that no real, he lived on the edge of the Kunlun hotel. Race start at 11 a.m, if living in the home too late, but that its early laonie, hurriedly rushed to the match, as well as in the hotel sleep at ease, the very next day at the game.

Not only in the chessboard ready laonie outside, inside the chessboard are prepared for it, read some of the recent records. The Li Shishi administration, laonie in the lower left corner has been embedded with the bomb, but has failed to explode and missed opportunities, he said: " I very early on to that tip, started around not stereotypes, he has no room for manoeuvre, later on I didn't notice, the tip is not established. " It is the hand sharp fall, let the mood of wickedness, marksmanship chaos, although the law also has the general situation view, but more like a flash to avoid.

Both sides in the upper right rob conversion is disproportionately, laonie left disc black blocks all be eating after, situation is bad, to play catch-up. After the " death and subsequent laonie " moves, is completely dizzy. A game room, laonie to study room, one by one to open each game to undertake delibrate, he just in the just-concluded game exhausted, watching, eyelids are getting heavy, head of a low, dead asleep.

First battle lost, war opponent is Japanese grandmaster Zhang Xu nine. Laonie and Zhang Xu master Jan Lamb nine has many years of friendship, also in the Fujitsu Cup final and semi-final games played, jerseys shop but now Jan Lamb lived through, his disciples to fight with laonie. For this dish of chess, laonie insisted on staying at the hotel, let to pick up his limousine drivers from home.

On the day of the game, game online, laonie to Li Shishi this dish of chess attention most, no matter how many years go by, no matter the outcome no suspense, but dare not to challenge laonie, juniors again, this is one of his great charm.
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