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Postby Tomson759 » Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:33 pm

Home FEED Home >> Fashion A Spaceship Trip of Jewelry Luxury Brands Find Their Inspiration From Space by Alexandrain (submitted 2012-09-04)
When we were children, we always hoped that we could travel to the space in a spaceship by ourselves to see how wonderful the world is. Now, the pace of age makes our distance between us and space more closely. Luxury brands find their inspiration from the space. This moment, we step on a spaceship of dream. Let's have a trip of luxurious jewelry to explore the secret of the space.
Dream Will Come True Soon.
Before traveling,Louis Vuitton Handbags, preparation is necessary. There is full of expectation in knapsack,Burberry Outlet Online! Of course, a telescope, a PC cup and some important stuffs are needed. So we can watch the space carefully. Any stuff of Holiday series of Tiffany is lovely and has a vivid effect. Using a telescope to observe every planet, you will find secrets of the space are everywhere.
Little Plane Pendant
When you drive a moon-ship in the galaxy, there are a lot of stars twinkling and shining, it seems that they welcome the guests from the earth. At the same time, people also cannot wait to find familiar constellations in stars. MATZO PARIS "Starlight" shows its amazing marquetry in a cubical space. The rule of mosaic of jewelries is neat and skillful. It seems that there is a comfort in a rigorous painting. And a more skillful design is that every layer of petal is an independent individual. Some petals are spinning, while some are retracting. This design is very beautiful. There are endless big or small stars in the galaxy, and gathering them one by one can become a beautiful movement. Let's find the constellation belongs to you quickly!
Stars Necklace
Exploring the Solar System
Each of the nine planets follows their respective lanes in the Solar System. It is the sun that makes the world warm. Therefore, imprint of love is left surrounding by warmth. The sun pendant of CHJ Jewelry, its golden sun sends out its hot light and shines the whole world. The special pattern of this sun pendant jewelry has a mysterious feeling, which makes people become curious.
Except for the shining sun in the solar system, the bright moon is the real leading lady. MATZO PARIS presents a set of jewelries in a flawed sun pattern carefully. In the color's tone of purity and luxury, designers add a unique style of the sun and the moon. It means that purity is in the hearts and elegance is in style. Through a kind of fashionable design which has endless artistic infection, adding a sense of spirituality into it, this design seems to be unintentional. But it makes the dark color active in a moment. The attractive point is that its treatment of details is very careful.
MATZO PARIS Flawed Sun Pendant
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