Leukemia village teacher rehabilitation says it wi

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Leukemia village teacher rehabilitation says it wi

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Reportabstract after half a year to go to Guangzhou to Wu old secretary . ,published in the May 14, 2010 edition of A13 southern daily headlines ., more than 100 pupils face closure .
The privilege of 3 students from Guangdong University of Business in support of more than 80 years old to receive the pointer ,the Guangdong provincial Party committee secretary Wu Nansheng generously donated 100000 yuan to the original .
In all sectors of the community ,Mr. Zhao Peng successfully completed a bone marrow transplant operation ,and Torben newspaper reporter to Wu sent a letter of thanks .This love this group of reports, won the China news award prize two ,christian louboutin shoes,intense echo is caused in the society .
On 2010, the Guizhou mountain substitute teacher Zhao Peng is vital for a year .His story touched countless readers ,also in this year with ten years of tough fight ,to return to the podium .
Keteleeria primary school has attracted much attention ,also begin to leave the crumbling and weak -- this year ,the government sent 4 teachers ,built schools and across the bridge ,and the outstanding achievements of students and Zhao Peng together were invited to visit the Shanghai world expo .
New life ,new dream .Prospect of the year of the rabbit ,Zhao Peng hopes to pass the teacher qualification certificate have an exam ,get the diploma ,substitute teachers to achieve .He had wanted to come to Guangzhou to personally thank Wu Nansheng old secretary of the life-saving grace ,but Wu old declined ,tells him to mind .
He gave Wu thanks wrote: I want to be in the podium to insist in the end,Christian Louboutin Outlet, this is the kind of person the best return . From the line of death from Zhao Peng was the most memorable in April 8, 2010 .
That day ,the Hospital Affiliated to Guiyang Medical College held a press conference ,announced his successful bone marrow transplantation .After 3 times after the chemotherapy ,in March 22nd ,23, the hospital medical staff consists of two times of its sister peripheral blood stem cells into Zhao Peng ,the implementation of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation operation .
From the beginning of April 2nd ,Zhao Peng vivo hematopoietic stem cell engraftment evidence emerged :bleeding ,infection and leukemia symptoms disappeared ,bone marrow recovery ,blood cells gradually become normal .
Tears once again covered with wife Zhang Mei comely face ,whereas before the half a year she has countless tears -- Zhao Peng white cells already amounted to 5100 ,achieve more than 10 units ,platelet hemoglobin was 90 g .
.. ... These data are far more than the standard clinical recovery ,marked hematopoietic stem cells has been successful engraftment .During that time ,Zhao Peng on the phone told Nanfang Daily reporters , biggest wish is to return to the classroom, and continued to teach .
At the end of last month, Zhao Peng told his wife about his rehabilitation ,return to the mountains to teach the kids .According to incomplete statistics ,after the newspaper and other media reports, Zhao Peng received a donation amount to about 80 Wanyuwan ,treatment in hospital cost about 700000 .
Although from the hospital for some time ,Zhao Peng began to plan a new life .Keteleeria River teaching, geographic location is remote, outside teachers don ,even into the mountains will probably be the last time .
Zhao Peng and his wife decided ,with the remaining donations to build 1 teachers dormitory ,to come in the public teachers, a shelter ,hoping to leave foreign teacher .A few meters away from the school Keteleeria River during the rainy season ,,the river rose .
After school, Zhao Peng stayed at the riverside ,louboutin pas cher,took up his trousers ,with great care to every child back across the river . In addition to build the dormitory ,I also for mountain children build a love bridge ,convenient for children to and from school .
May 12th morning ,Hospital Affiliated to Guiyang Medical College as Zhao Peng held a simple ceremony of discharge .In hospital administration building conference room ,wearing a black jacket Zhao Peng looked very spirit ,he from the nurse took a bouquet of flowers ,and then wife a gift plaque to Hospital Affiliated to Guiyang Medical College ,thanks to the hospital and all those who helped him .
Discharge ceremony just ended, Zhao Peng and his wife, Zhang Mei has to call a reporter ,hope that through the southern daily ,to the Wu Nansheng old secretary, and all his Cantonese ,generation to turn the good news .
And that the exclusion period, I will go to Guangzhou to face his old secretary . Walk out of the mountains into the World Expo ,although the final did not take place ,but Zhao Peng wrote a letter full of gratitude to Wu of old letters .
Letter to Wu effect :as the representative of the caring people and he had never met ,but from his death ,the only reward is to keep the mountain children teach ,let the students more contribute to society .
This is my life most to achievements and dreams ,will adhere to in the end . Zhao Peng stomach is often uncomfortable ,eating without digesting ,September rejection is most serious ,Louboutin Outlet,he once again in the hospital .
Considering the physical capacity, local education authorities did not agree with Zhao Peng early return to the podium, ,,he looked at the students home from school every day back ,not into the classroom are not natural .
Summer is over,louboutin, the new semester has just begun ,Zhao Peng asks to regain the pointer, the final education departments to make compromises ,let him be in charge of the first grade primary school as well as several high grade gynaecology teaching .
If he is tired ,or rejection is very big, I can on top, so that his body would be able to stand . Zhang Mei says .The government did not agree with Zhao Peng use the close out of balance built school buildings and bridge, but let him first for the observation period of treatment .
Zhao Peng in fermentation .October,, Shanghai car accidentally saw the newspaper about Zhao Peng was discharged for school readiness bridge after the report, TT $70000 to help Zhao Peng get it .
At the end of 11, completed the passage of that moment, students and parents as cheerful as a lark ,they no longer because of late wading River ,never absent .Club also made another good thing -- they put forward to want a good academic performance of students out of the mountains, to see the world ,hoping to achieve a better education enlightening effect .
before we had never left Bijie ,never dreamed to Shanghai circle . Zhang Mei said ,the amazing Shanghai World Expo ,the bustling metropolis in the East they stunned .Back to Keteleeria primary school ,Zhao Peng and students forum .
His sincere words and earnest wishes to say : how much heart ,the stage will be the dream is much, much ,you must study hard ,walk out of the mountains . Nanfang Daily reporter Zhao Hongjie Chen Feng Zhao Peng dialogue to benefactor happy reporter :experienced this pain ,in a large number of people love to watch, you live again in the New Year approaching ,how to feel ?Zhao Peng :live again ,to all the people who helped me one one ,can not return ,but I now consider most is not to let them down .
Go to Shanghai when I was thinking, if I were young must strike out ,but I can do now is to teach my students ,allowing them to contribute to the community ,I will not let you down ,this way I will adhere to in the end .
The new year is coming, hope that through your regards to Mr. Wu ,christian louboutin outlet,I wish him good health ,a happy spring festival .His help ,I could not return .Reporter :the year of the rabbit what you wish for ?Zhao Peng :I was a substitute teacher ,if not positive will be clear .
Fortunately, I have passed College correspondence examinations ,is lunar calendar February will receive a graduation certificate from the Guizhou Normal University .The Provincial Department of education leaders down the condolences of my time ,I was also told to participate in April pedagogics and psychology examination ,in June there is the teacher qualification certificate examination ,if I can pass ,will be able to move on to a state-run teacher ,this is my decades-old dream ,hope in the new year implementation .
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