This fall flat shoes

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This fall flat shoes

Postby yinqin24 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:31 am

 Take off the sandals of the summer, ready to put on a long-awaited shoes, choose a their favorite style, the United States and the United States spent the entire fall to this fall the popular flat shoes?Let Xiaobian tell you!Very popular shoes, comfort and leisure.Cute cherry pattern to wear on their feet, Cheap Asics Shoes match small bow, like a sweet little princess.The red Bouguer child's pattern has been the favorite of the ladies, is a timeless fashion.Upright on the bow side of the same kinds of patterns placed in the shoes before, the overall bright spot.

The red petals scattered on the entire shoe, filled with art, filled with the breath of young girls, female friends were dressed in suitable for all ages.Strongly recommended a blend of personality and fashion, but without losing the sweet taste. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Colored beads shoes colorful, delicate bow placed on one side of the shoes, the clever design of the embodiment.Classical clouds embroidered pattern of delicate and elegant flavor is so unique, like the continuity of boots like costume drama in the official deed with leaving the traditional fashion. Asics Womens Running Shoes Girls occasionally Dances handsome, and more easily impressed.Stylish rivets used in pure black cow leather boots, but the design of high heels and a charming sense of domineering, from autumn stockings in the winter, down pants, it can with appropriateness, cool feeling regardless of same-sex opposite sex will like. .Style, temperament and gas field both in the simplicity of the performance of the extraordinary effect.Ankle natural and simple abstract bow shape reflects the excellent romantic taste, hollowing out the fish head to reveal Zhuyuanyurun Yu-zhi, more temperament elegant she explains.
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