Was thin jeans to show a slim and good figure

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Was thin jeans to show a slim and good figure

Postby yinqin24 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:27 am

Jeans fashion items all year round, the much-loved, forever will not be eliminated by the trend that it is continuing to innovate and design more trendy trend style, autumn and winter want highlighting good shape was thin, should choose jeans feet.Do old jeans, tie-dye, tiny feet pencil pants style gray black snowflake Slim pants feet, Levis Sale burst tide of fashion forward styles, interpretation of the big wind.Extremely popular tie-dye elements of course have to be different!A sense of shards of glass, tie-dye, windy sharp lines.Predecessor trouser legs at long cut design with tie-dye blend, the danger of uninhibited personality.Small pocket at the front and rear body worn trousers small "scratch", so cut the design is no longer unexpected.Upscale denim fabrics, good tailoring version and another accent, the choice for trendsetters!Details at the scratches sense frayed jeans designed in response to the popular trend, simple without losing the personality, the streets of New Wave.The washed is whitewashed processing, Levis Short Jeans Men intense visual experience to lengthen the leg line.Low waist Slim straight jeans, exquisite tailoring modified version of the type given excellent inclusive.Good version of type modified buttocks, the appropriate length, lengthen the leg line, very thin.Back eye-catching and practical, large pockets chic decoration, brighten the overall design.Chic buttons, the finishing touch.The jeans and fringed bat shirt, extremely handsome.High waist jeans with a white shirt, was thin slim foot Martin boots, wild and unrestrained. Levis 501 Jeans Sale Hued effect is consistent with the influx of people's imagination, warming continued popularity.The painting washed design, outlines casual street range, sway a relaxed and casual personality. Low waist Slim jeans, unique washing whitewashed the effect of to add street with the nature of temperament.The sutures color quite retro style.The sanding Design and trousers zipper decoration jeans more stylish.
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