Christian Louboutin with plenty of diamonds

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Christian Louboutin with plenty of diamonds

Postby christy » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:03 am

If you christian louboutin have to go to a party and don't know what to put on, you must know that a little black dress will never fail. The black dresses have always been classic, stylish and elegant. They fit every woman, no matter if she's tall, short, with a little extra weight or slim. Such a gown can always get you out of trouble because it's very simple to match. The top designers have at least one black dress in every collection, so you have where to choose from. If you lack inspiration, you can see what the celebrities have worn to various special occasions. They always a role model. So, check out this top 5 celebrity best black dresses.Reese Witherspoon is an actress that usually wears black dresses. She has great tastes and always chooses the gowns that fit her best.

One dress that caught the attention was a creation of Jean Paul Gaultier and she wore it at a film festival in Toronto. The garment was strapless and made her look absolutely fabulous. It was accessorized with peep-toe pumps created by Christian Louboutin and with plenty of diamonds.A classic but very actual black dress is the one that Cindy Crawford christian louboutin boots wore when the Vogue magazine celebrated its 100th anniversary. That bandage dress was really controversial and the fashion critics talked about it a lot. The outfit was originally designed in 1985 by Herve Leger and since then it had plenty of comebacks. A celebrity that looks splendid in black dresses is Nicole Kidman. In 2005, at the Tribeca Film Festival, Nicole wore a dress that made her look devilish and superb at the same time. The Azzaro creation had a teasing backside, diamond-studded straps and a very simple bodice. With the right attitude she made the dress look fabulous on her.

One of the best black dresses of all times is the one worn by Halle Berry at the Soap Opera Digest Awards. The Karl Lagerfield creation she had on was full-skirted, poufy and strapless. It was the perfect dress for a gorgeous woman. This list of top 5 celebrity best black dresses wouldn't be complete without Victoria Beckham. She's the type of celebrity that always prefers wearing black gowns. One of the most beautiful is a dress created by GiambattistaValli. The christian louboutin sale be-ribboned frock she chose was extremely elegant and classy.As you can see, you have plenty of dresses to choose from. You just have to find the right one for you.
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