planchas ghd baratas Yao child

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planchas ghd baratas Yao child

Postby c0ikw3dsw2 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:21 pm

Yao child dust
:2012 -03-20 17:39 Source: author: click on: times a year in the spirit set the town's secondary schools as a teacher, the general in this End of the World, all days are clear and flowing, like the middle of the town piece of the sparkling river. I like the early summer season, the weather will be hot, not hot,plancha del pelo ghd, and the surrounding greenery will be concentrated not concentrated. Class every morning, the house has sunlight softly Sasa. Had finished, the class will enable students to study hall, I stood at the window, gazing over the patch of playground, the playground there is a large construction sites, dust emissions, the roar of the machine far passed over. Classroom in front of us, take a wooden shed, on site kitchen. Can often see a couple of girls in the outside Zecai vegetables, like talking and laughing. See more than the number of times, they pay attention to a girl, she was always so quiet, silently working children,planchas ghd precio, no job, they pampered a book sitting on a pile of wood of the shed outside, quietly read. The sun shone in her hair through the dust and the background is a fiery labor scene, her quiet throughout the site are filling the atmosphere of a facial. When I rented an old two-story building at the edge of the town,planchas ghd baratas, the walls mottled spots split, exposing the inside of the red brick. Nightside in the upstairs, my room, the room has a window, the window is an old locust tree, the ulterior motives in that corner of the pork on a skewer pierced sky. I often sat on the bed reading, tired to throw the book,plancha ghd baratas, look out the window tree leaves swaying in the wind, and sometimes hate, are forgotten. The day is so slow flowing. I do not know from one day start reading girl on the playground outside the site disappeared for several days, and my heart as much as a faint sense of disappointment. Not long after, and finally saw her figure, if thinner than before, still quietly reading, silently working children. On a Saturday afternoon, I do not have a class, will be reading in their own little house. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, thought it was the utilities the landlord to closing, opened the door, but it is a strange girl, 18-year-old look. She said: looking for! Back to see her is to look at those books I piled on the bed, I asked: words! I suddenly remembered the girl on the site, so similar as much as her figure, she asked: I smiled and said: Out a few steps, she turned to say: I once asked her: from remote, rural high school did not finish and sisters in the village out to find the job done. The beginning to the county, not long before,ghd styler, those sisters would have run to make money more. Only she was still a hotel washing dishes, but even so, she also were often harassed by shopkeepers. She came to this town, that would be better in the situation here,planchas pelo ghd, but she was wrong, right again to the site, where it is relatively better, all kinds of temptations and dangers are also relatively less. Yao child is not a particularly nice kind of girl,ghd planchas pelo, but very cute and simple, and has a very dedicated heart. Sometimes,planchas ghd, she will be in my little house to tell me something of her home, talk about the green garden of sunflowers, talk about old grandmother talked about the stories, talk about the mother field toil figure, speaking deep in her heart the child When the dream. That moment, the sun shone through the branches and leaves of the old locust tree, and cast a wall of mottled shadow. I smile to listen to her all to remain a blessing in my heart. One day, to a couple of girls looking for her heavy make-up. Yao children and their intimate conversation, a long time seen her so happy before. Later I learned that several girls are with them in the village out of the sisters. I asked Yao children they are not engaged in something you want to do. Yao child nodded, and said: They are my sisters, and always will be. I hate is they do not their people, they is not willing to do those things, they are more than wretched! flashing.
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