English composition picnic

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English composition picnic

Postby ufi07173w » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:30 pm

English composition picnic
Yesterday, I went to have a picnic with my old classmates.We dated with each other several days ago.And we were all expecting the day's come. At last, the excited day came. We went to the part where we have decided to have the picnic. During the picnic, we talked with each other, played games, and so on. On balance, I had a nice day and I will never forget it.Because it is so happy in the picnic and we remaided so many pleasures things in our childhood. 2we had a picnic in fall last year. first we climbed to the top of the hill. we saw many pupils there. we talked, laughed and played together. then at picnic time, we shared our food. we saw a beautiful stream near by. but there was much rubbish in it. that's a pity. we thought we should tell the people to protect our living environment. so after our picnic, we put up several signs near the stream. we wrote the stream clean and beautiful to have my old one another a few days to classmates.We picnic ago.And we all look forward to the day. Finally, the excitement that day. Where we go, we decided to have part of the picnic. At the picnic, we talk to each other, play the game. Overall, I have a nice day, I will never forget it.Because this picnic pleased, we remaided to so many fun things in our childhood. 2we in last fall picnic. First, we climbed up to the top of the hill. We have seen many students. We talk to smile to play with. Then at the picnic, we share our food. We see a beautiful stream nearby. Much of the content is rubbish. This is a pity. We think we should tell people to protect our living environment. Our picnic, we propose several nearby stream flag. We maintain a clean, beautiful stream Home, we said to each other goodbye, we have an appointment next year .. On the way home, we all thought it was a very interesting picnic. Recommended translation address: http://translate.google.cn/ This article is provided by the high school English composition network!
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