Nike Air Max ST LE Limited Edition Behind the Scenes

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Nike Air Max ST LE Limited Edition Behind the Scenes

Postby popo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:47 pm

Nike nike free run re-engraved version, see this as if brings us back to the good old days since 1992. They overwhelmed with pairs ST warfare shoes Air Max form a cute Air units, and the toe and the shoe side of the trunk side begin with mesh to create. In addition, the shoe is also equipped with a very eye-catching eye-catching white bottom, so that the entire shoe is more simple, fresh, waffle soles, that these shoes are indeed deeply rooted in the last century, the fiery ninety years. Temporarily to understand the exact listing of news in this new,
This year's holiday season filled with cool to dazzle outdoor war shoes, how can we become an overnight success, a surprise move, which is a major challenge to the NIKE company behind the team, shown in the figure this help The deluxe edition is to surrender their responses, the shoes stand out by virtue of an unprecedented degree of "X-ray, firmly seize the envy of the world's eyes. This pair of black / black color, combat shoes, black patent leather upper, visible on X-ray patterns, one foot to create a like through the perspective of war shoes bare feet up the ghastly scene. The image is so great, to show the whole picture from the toes to the ankle, phase contrast and white NIKE trademark of the shoe behind the side, flashing a bit ghastly pale glow in the end of the ACG even black, so that the entire shoe is more Mirage heavy, treacherous and unpredictable. This new product is now the major stores in 21 Mercer and heat sale, if you want incarnation of Halloween skeleton strange, Feijun none other.
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Why Choose an FDA Approved Male Enhancement?

Postby TorreysPa » Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:32 am

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