Nike Air Yeezy, Kanye West-

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Nike Air Yeezy, Kanye West-

Postby popo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:42 pm

Although the release has been in the forefront over the past several months, but still firmly in the male, according to the ranking of the best-selling list of shoes city. The vast majority of shoes fans may not know the real purpose of the shoe is actually Kanye's "Glow In the Dark Tour" concert tour will be specially built. Renowned designer Mark? Smith (Mark Smith) and Kanye? West overwhelmed by work, not only to launch joint shoes, aimed at creating a world tour can follow Kanye nike heels and the Louis Vuitton Don pace, so he always kept in good condition, and play the best standards of super warfare shoes. Kanye in 2008 "Glow In The Dark Tour" concert tour will showcase several unpublished Air Yeezy intelligence, exquisite, absolutely Lun photos all from Kanye's recent best selling book. "Glow In The Dark", by renowned photographer Nabil Elderkin Zhang Jing in person, the book records the concerts that shocked the world scenes to teach people blinking, stunning visual design and the wonders of the luminous efficiency.
First look Nike Australia high to help the war of pairs of red / white color shoe is very simple, Xian Lian to none and the ages masterpieces, the red leather uppers of the shoe department, and white standard hook and the end of phase contrast, but also highlight the fresh and elegant style. Black / green - white - metallic silver Terminator Low, Basic for low to help look at the shoes black leather toe cap, black cow bar leather shoes side of the trunk side, hook standard, laces and heels, the back-end while metallic green leather to create . The above two pairs of casual new products are being heat sale, including Terminator The retail price is $ 98 U.S. dollars, while Sweet was $ 62 U.S. dollars.
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