Sportswear line 2011 Winter Women New courier

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Sportswear line 2011 Winter Women New courier

Postby popo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:37 pm

France lacoste swerve 2011 Winter Women's Sportswear line, contrasting colors and novel details, showing a new sense of fun. Long-sleeved dress in the pocket, lapel ribbon belt use contrasting colors. The legend began in 1933. With its pure sports descent, now the LACOSTE symbol of a comfortable, elegant attitude to life, the unique design and high quality products covering men, women and children. LACOSTE SA's nine partners in the global license constitutes a high-quality product line, including accessories, shoes, bags, perfume, leather goods, eyewear, watches, home textiles, belts and mobile phones and other various fields. LACOSTE 2010 annual sales reached 1.4 billion euros, an average of two every second LACOSTE goods sold in 114 countries around the world the LACOSTE selected sales network.
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