Amazon Special Monster wearing headphones 229 yuan

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Amazon Special Monster wearing headphones 229 yuan

Postby mumu » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:23 am

Beats For Sale H800 headset is a high cost of wearing headphones, its design is simple and stylish, full of the taste of the listener style. Headphones as a whole is made of lightweight material, light weight, easy to carry, using a 5-micron ultra-thin diaphragm, the sound effects are well.
Beats Pro 800 headphones overall appearance of the design simple and stylish black tone with its look with listening style. Free rotation of two units of the headset can be a certain angle to ensure the wearing of the degree of fit earmuffs part of the headset is made of soft foam material, wearing comfortable fit, sound effects are good. Headphone bass is excellent, fast response speed, used to listen to rock and pop music are a good choice.
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