louis vuitton outlet MARIO DELANI

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louis vuitton outlet MARIO DELANI

Postby laidanmin180 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:13 pm

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Re: louis vuitton outlet MARIO DELANI

Postby wailian » Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:42 am

Louis vuitton outlet revolutionary to create a flat top leather case and opened its first shop in Paris in 1854, creating the first generation of the LV pattern, since then, it has been a symbol of the LV leather goods, has longnot bad. But like today, his design will soon be copied, then a square, flat-top trunk will become a trend. Paris T stage of the ever-changing clothes show from the early stage of LV products each year to the present, Louis vuitton store has been long standing in the international boutique industry leader status, industry experts believe that because they have their own special brand &quot;DNA&quot;. First of all, Louis Vuitton, a high degree of respect and cherish their own brand. Brand not only with its founder Louis - Vuitton named, also inherited his pursuit of quality, continuous improvement attitude. Start from the second-generation descendant of George Louis vuitton store , its successors have continued to add new content for the brand. The second generation of the brand to add an international perspective and tactile. The third-generation Caston - Vuitton brand has brought the love of the arts, focusing on creative and innovative features. So far, on behalf of the Louis Vuitton family after the man working on a brand. At the same time, not only the descendants of the family, even every one into the family business, designers and other staff must understand the history of Louis Vuitton, a lesson to its unique &quot;DNA&quot;, and at work and brand operation in this unique culture to flourish. Louis Vuitton another recipe for success is to seek to create a &quot;family&quot; feeling valued customers. Can you imagine Louis Vuitton can provide permanent maintenance service for the customer? Cheap louis vuitton brand products can be passed from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter, can be passed on from generation to generation, no matter what time you brought repair maintenance, are duty-bound stores dedicated to help. One of three generations can continue to have a brand of products, this is very significant for the continuation of meaning of a brand vitality.
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