Advertising with Mobile prix sac longchamp

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Advertising with Mobile prix sac longchamp

Postby yoncle4nb » Thu May 31, 2012 4:51 am

Advertising with Mobile
Advertising is the strategy to educate the masses about the features of a product or the feature of the technology associated with the product, which aims to facilitate a better lifestyle for people. While it was practiced through conventional means of promotion like display banners, marketing executives or paper advertisement means like pamphlets, print, etc, a new form of advertising strategy has now been introduced. This type of advertising is interactive, involves graphic images & animated text, but above all, it provides an easy follow-up mechanism to deliver the information for the product over the personal communication device of the user resulting in customized ads. This type of advertising known as Mobile Advertising was introduced in year 2000.The first mobile advertisement displayed the news headline of a Finnish newspaper through SMS.Mobile advertising continued the importance of SMS and made it one of the most important technique involved in promotion through mobile. The primary reasons for SMS being popular are:SMS delivery barely fails, as messages are always kept in a queue before successful delivery.Messages can be delivered while the user is on an active call. So chances that user will not look into the message are very low.Even the basic phone with no multi-media feature, supports message service. So the target population automatically increases. When multi-media features are introduced in mobile advertisements,sac a mains longchamps, it takes the promotion and marketing to a whole new level. Marketing with iAd and AdMob by apple and Google respectively, provides rich media advertising using their technologically sophisticated, creative and attractive media banners over iPad apps and android applications.The huge scope for mobile advertisements is due to following reasons:Fast growing audience: As the numbers of mobile users are growing in the world every single day the target population is increasing. People tend to choose mobile devices for going on-line, browsing the internet, checking e-mails, etc. This improves the chances of being noticed by a user while performing such activities.Convenience in terms of advertisement,sac à main longchamps, relevancy and updates in promotional activity is the major aspect of this strategy. With this strategy, the content will always be current about the ad and it provides the convenience to the company to update their content according to the relevancy of ad.Maximum exposure: Each and every individual owns a mobile phone nowadays and casting the product over mobile devices catches the maximum number of eyes, providing the maximum exposure about the product,sac à mains longchamp, to the target audience.Eco friendly advertising: Mobile adverts which are eco-friendly, so doing its bit towards a healthy environment and saving the natural resources for the future generations.While advertisement over mobile devices is catching a number of eyes of companies to look into their products and services, it is also helping mother earth to breathe easily.
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