22 a little more effort to the attention of other

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22 a little more effort to the attention of other

Postby w9bvy78os8 » Sun May 27, 2012 10:15 pm

Speaking of immense beasts, I am a little ashamed. Mankind has always thought he was very noble, so like all imposed on the poor beasts, such as pigs, dogs, chickens, etc. are uncivilized implied.
Like me are now talking about For example, we discussed every day business problems are unique to human civilization. and we have discussed these seem very smart look.
incomparable beasts people are depressed, the depressed one month ago, so far no suspension means
so depressed the gradual evolution of irritability, anxiety and then
human civilization to around loitering in need of residential hotel, of course, to pay money when you pay the money you think you can buy comfortable, do you think you shoo a result, you lose. last month's hotel challenge the limit of my hardy, because the heater explosion, the pipeline by loss, no hot water, no air conditioning, cold room and cold, like bedding and to the guests not cold blanket.
interpretation of the hotel, please wait, are being addressed immediately, and soon the hh
They are always very polite, let your anger in a humble polite as hard fist into the air force was to resolve without a trace. The results
, has been to leave the heat did not come.
all the anger and noise will appear no very conservation. lose, and keep the temperament, to maintain a good image of the cost of severe cold and fever.
coincidental disease is part of the practice of life, so relieved own feeling life really OK.
, then not too long not too short, cold process, it seems that everything should be in the past when the Beijing rain closed and opened up so he started the hh
in the Zhongguancun finished a meeting out the solemn sky, gathered in together, and finally started to cry, large flowers of rain fell from the sky, occasionally also issued a rumbling sound of the collision, the cloud in the meeting? cry together?
underground Watson bought a lovely yellow umbrella, I thought in front of groups of taxi must travel a result, no!
20 minutes later, I decided to walk around to see if the front of the intersection to find my cars. new
Zhongguancun Building began, I walk in the cold and rain clothes and half pants in the baptism of rain seemed to be somewhat sluggish, they are wet, and I therefore feel very cold. to RDFZ when I felt disappointed, so slow to go around, and hope to see a coffee shop similar to Starbucks.
no rain did not stop 40 minutes
, but the silently behind me, a little splash of water Let me recall, then it is parallel and stop, roll down the window and asked: lift? truly black cars mm black , reported the destination, the other 50. reasonable price, so thanks to the sky god, I finally get a taxi.
car is very clean, very comfortable, very clean, the price of a taxi cars Mercedes-Benz is indeed cost-effective , I do not even wet a little bit embarrassed
adjusted to the most comfortable sitting position, I sent a letter to a friend, and she made an appointment to enjoy sushi in the hidden spring, and then began to fall asleep in the warm air the temptation, the driver mm that gray flat head more than 50-year-old uncle has been emphasized for the hot pot on his life and his love for hot pot. wearing dark glasses, half of my sleep.
black car services are also differences, this car provides a good service, has been sent to a friend office downstairs door nearest place, to pay 50 dollars a ticket, he gave me, I opened the door the moment, the uncle said, you really like my university students have time to give me a call. I carefully look at him and began doubts: of a well known company, a strange name, a low position.
glasses must drop the car, the 2008 continuation of the previous lost glasses that once belonged to my glasses, they scattered in parts of the country I've been tired
Fortunately, the evening's cuisine is very delicious, butterflies volume, Motorola volume budworm roll, sashimi, oden the custard the hh
and then a cold back, fever, back, sore throat came back in a top-heavy in the home, thanks to modern civilization, from B to C convenient and fast, so I have plenty of opportunities to the disease B or Q to the disease back to the C students and recovered.
family, are also among the rain, the rain outside the snow and hail. people anxiety in the mud.
yesterday, no fever, but the panic, two in the afternoon, rang the doorbell, a hair tall soft face fat woman perseverance, perseverance to open the door, because she said I was I never Zhang ttmm a why do not know the name of the person so by +3, angry complaints to the control, the complaint came in, not quite sure who to turn to put this excellent service I continue to maintain a demeanor.
slightly aftermath of , palpitation and anxiety
morning, get up, head pain, persistent anxiety, cheer up, dressing up, out the door but the wind and rain mad hail head one afternoon, after the channel to the street and began to anger. small do in the garage, I have to pay the hail hit, only themselves to blame too pig. Fortunately, after 30 seconds hit the green taxi, unfortunately, drivers like to imitate Eason Eason Chan's still under, no hail.
I often buy jeans store, all my jeans are in this South Korean shop to buy, in addition to jeans, I do not have any other type of pants, but it was not there anymore wearing more and more inappropriate because the thin pants.
unhappy since I sat in the office.
nothing shaking ZZZZZZZZZ, big turn of events, small events, but people anxious.
the weather this immense beasts, I warn you, quickly clear it!!
the PS: I am honored to won the title of PS: I just found out that my phone has been shut down! do not know China Mobile GSM is how to explain? This number is the (N +1) since I use the telephone number can be regarded with a long time. because it is said This number is released from the mobile VIP. increases with longer duration, probably does not look like a VIP use of the VIP number, this number gradually become and the other numbers as often as people Wohuo
most exaggerated in the Shenzhen is actually only the SMS can not telephone, said that because you want to adjust a code due to common ancestry of different companies of the two companies of the north-south move, then known as the Global number in the middle of the sea after Shekou to Hong Kong over the disappearance of all signals. Global ?? probably have different meanings in the world? do
the last office for the number one is said to cost-effective package, two days before the results are a sufficient number of calls, but text messages that need to be deducted clear? then arrears, and then shut down. I have a number that is to do what service packages, buckle light is always the beginning of all calls, then no matter if you phone this month, early next month, again, two months later. my number does not belong to me.
calculating I is not too much trouble, this calculation of cost-effective to make people crash told them to cancel all the shit package tomorrow, I just want the most common telephone charges, him comes the question.
a phone to use such a collapse. always moving when you travel, meetings, any phone you, you have to long-distance packages? you want ** Package? indomitable momentum much like those who do pyramid schemes, and let you hang up or not answer, she would never betray the temperament of the
large companies, but also such a miserable state? marketing becomes the stalker to recruit people nausea arouses trouble for marketing people are liars, no wonder people despise, are unscrupulous of the believers, all the money eyes of the Lord, are not sensible affair dynasty to know to make money snobs do not want to care about chosen to force you to learn to care about, do not want to calculations we seek to force you to learn to calculating tiring.
refuse refuse! strongly rejected all complicated!! rejected all are complex!!
accidental collection:
1, the reason why people suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things.
2, if you do not trouble yourself, others will never give you trouble because of your own heart, you can not let go.
3 you never want to thank you adversity beings.
4, you never want to forgive all living beings, no matter how bad, and even he hurt you, you have to put down, in order to be really happy
5, when the you are happy, you want this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering, you want this pain is not eternal.
dedication today will become tomorrow's regret.
7, you can have love, but not attached, because the separation is inevitable.
8, do not waste your life you will regret it.
9, when you lay down, when there would be no trouble.
10, every kind of trauma, is a mature
11 arrogant people have to save the inferiority of people do not save, to know themselves, yield themselves, change themselves in order to change others.
12, you do not been dissatisfied with others, you should always review their own fishes. dissatisfied people, is hard on your own,
13 a person if you can not from the heart to forgive others, and that he would never have peace of mind.
14 hearts filled with their own views and ideas of the people, never listen to but not the voices of others.
15, the destruction of people as long as the sentence, and to cultivate a thousand words, multi-port mercy.
16 do not have to go back to curse you people? If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to bite him one do?
17, never waste a minute to think about anything you people do not like.
18, you say compassion and gentle manner, your dissatisfaction and grievances, and others it is easy to accept.
19, the same bottle, why do you want to install poison it? the same psychological, why you should be full of trouble?
20, things are not, we will always think he is wonderful, it is because you know him too little time to live together with him. After one day, you understand, you will find that the original is not your imagination is so beautiful.
21, alive for one day, that is lucky, on the treasure. When I cry I do not have shoes to wear when I discovered that someone did not feet.
22 a little more effort to the attention of others, less effort to reflect on their own, you understand me?
23, the hatred of others is a great loss.
24 everyone has a life, but not everyone is aware of life, and even cherish life. do not understand life, life is a punishment for him,
25, the situation is upset reason. executive put down the situation, you can be comfortable
26, not too sure about their own views, this way less regret.
27, when you are honest with yourself, the world no one can deceive you.
28, hurt others the means to cover up his shortcomings, is shameful. the
29, the silence of the care and blessing others, it is an invisible Busch
30, do not bother to speculate on others correctly judge the ideas, if you do not have the wisdom and experience, usually wrong.
31, to understand a person, just look at his starting point and destination are the same, you can know whether he is sincere.
32, the truth of life, just hidden in plain tasteless.
33, does not bathe, hard wear perfume is not fragrant. reputation and distinguished from the genuine talent of ethics natural incense.
34 Time will pass, so time out of your troubles!
35, you are deliberately simple things look very serious, it looks like you will be very painful.
36, never distorted intentioned people who, incurable.
37, saying that one lie, to fabricate a lie to make up, Why bother?
38, white day, doing nothing, just as guilty larceny
39, forming the congregation edge, is not to hurt anyone.
40, silence is the best answer defamation
41, respectful of the people is a solemn yourself.
42, has a selfless love, we have it all
43 to be accidental, and take for granted, so you have to revel the same, the same revel.
the 44 compassion is the best weapon you
45, as long as the face of reality, you can go beyond reality
46, conscience is the most impartial judge of everyone, you deceive others, but always cheat yourself the conscience
47 do not know how to self-love of the people, there is no ability to love others.
48, sometimes we have to calm and ask ourselves, what we in the pursuit? We live for what?
49 not because of a little dispute, away from your relatives and friends also do a little resentment, forget the kindness of others.
50, thank God I have, thank God I did not .
51, who can stand in someone else's point of view for others, this is mercy
52, speak not to attack, do not lethal, do not boast to have been able to, not Young people evil, naturally oriented for the Friends of the enemy.
53 honest with your inner conflicts and blot, do not deceive yourself.
54, cause and effect is never owe us anything, so please do not complain.
55, most of the people only had three things; self-deception, deceptive, being bullied
56, the heart is the biggest liar, people can lie to you, but it will lie to you forever
57, as long as the conscious North-South peace of mind, things are better if one person is not and must not escape
58, when your hands to seize hold of the thing, you can only have this thing, if you are willing to let go, you have the opportunity to choose something else. heart dead enforcement own ideas, unwilling to put aside his wisdom can only achieve a certain degree it
59, if you can safely spend the day, that is, a blessing and how many people today see the sun tomorrow, how many people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people today have family members dead.
60, you have your view of life, I have my view of life, and I interfere in your long as I can, on probation. If not, then I accept their fate.
61, you want to grasp the eternal, you have to control now.
62, the evil I never out of our mouth, no matter how bad, how evil you call him, your heart is polluted, you want to, he is your good mentor.
63, other people can violate causality, others can harm us, beat us, slander us, but we can not but hate others, and why? We must maintain an integrity of nature and a pure heart.
64 If a person has no feelings of suffering, is not easy for others to give sympathy. you want to learn the spirit of the peril, and we have to first suffering.
65, the world had not belong to you, so you do not need to discard, we must abandon all the dedication of all things is what I use, but not my own.
66, although we can not change the world around, we had to change themselves to face it all with compassion and wisdom of the heart.
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