farmers' land baskets isabelle marant

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farmers' land baskets isabelle marant

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Property is not free obviously there are 400 acres of farmland in rural disorderly the source
the Tong Taihuan
village was abandoned sun,sneakers isabel marant prix, while some of the migrant to return to prostitution farming, but no way can that many people at home are relying on to buy rice,isabelle marant chaussures, buy food to survive, life is getting in trouble. strange that this is a very valuable land in suburban areas mm Chaoan Xianqiao Village,basket isabel marant, Guangdong Province. reporter learned through the investigation, the village over the years confusion in village affairs, successive not elected village head, the village has not preside over the division of responsibility farmland. So on the one hand want the farming villagers unclear landless kinds of land ownership, on the other hand in the village of Why is the village in June 15,isabel marant sale, 2010, dislocation. land acquisition procedures are not perfect, the villagers did not see the money to the villagers' committee to intervene, the village cadres could not explain, even with the villagers,isabel marant sale, ,isabel marant soho, resulting in several general election could not elect the village director. Beginning in 2000, the village is basically nobody things.
could not elect a village director, land ownership is not clear,isabel marant chaussure, the land of the village into a Lord looked at there are some valuable land abandoned not dare to farming; not only the case in accordance with national policies should be directly distributed to the villagers in the hands of Liangbu,basket isabelle marant, over the years because they can not confirm who is farming in the end how much land and other reasons, a penny of not to the villagers in the hands,isabelle marant 2015, even more than 800 million for land acquisition over the years are so far in the bank, the same can not be issued.
farmers' land, property rights are not free,isabel marant sale, it is rare in the world with Chinese characteristics, so-called so-called while property rights are not free, then the bonds of the personality of rural land and housing system to tear the harmonious relationship between people and property,isabel marant shop, and land-dependent gone on,isabelle marant basket, so land and each other to betray the ; phenomenon: the man guarding the land golden rice bowl begging, fertile land is no farming in vain abandoned! community competition for land, showing the land value is proportional to the bloody and tragic phenomena: the more the land prices soaring villages the urban fringe,basket compens��es isabel marant, the struggle to compete for the village director, the more bitter, and even resorts to a bloody and brutal underworld murder means; Conversely,isabel marant top, where land is not valuable or less valuable, the village cadres may be rendered due to lack of May when the shell village the protection of all rights,chaussure isabelle marant, freedom of the scale, the barrier of human rights. a book to systematically explain the concept of a generalized property: and the Law that only the civil subject can have a wide property. no one enjoyed by the generalized property could not exist; all civil entities are the generalized property,isabelle marant 2011, even if the parties have nothing,isabel marant baskets, even if their debt exceeds the property even only debt, it also broad property. For example, once the baby was born, has been generalized property (the enjoyment of their right to ask their parents raised); proletarians. (hh of the property have-not) can not be reduced in the final analysis, the proletarians generalized property performance for a fight against the claims of society. point,baskets isabelle marant, the generalized property performance and it is closely linked with the personality.
Today, staged by the Chinese rural land abandonment of land and land bloody scramble event again and again: lack of independent civil subject property owned by In fact the only ,isabel marant fringe boots, to talk about personal freedom? talk about land and food security? talk about the dignity of life? confidently farmers on the land, houses,isabel marant sneakers prix, property protection on the civil law, on the same housing and urban residents to protect the treatment of balance, is duty-bound to the historical mission of our generation.
(Research Institute for Bankers Trust Fellow)
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