Changchun International Trade soccer jerseys sale

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Changchun International Trade soccer jerseys sale

Postby x4moe3379c » Tue May 15, 2012 11:21 pm

/ Changchun Trade ,cheap jerseys soccer
, in recent years, exaggerated, false propaganda,soccer jerseys sale, false deception of illegal advertising in the local stations are common,cristiano ronaldo jersey, a great deal of negative impact to consumers. The end of last year, Murphy, Zhongxiang,us soccer jersey, Tang Jiezhong etc. celebrity presided over the endorsement of the offending ad exposure by the relevant departments aroused netizens a hot some of the stars and celebrities have also said that the filming of advertising in the future will give careful consideration to resolutely resist the offending ad with the State Administration of Radio,soccer jerseys sale, Film and Television 61 implementation of the Decree, the Changchun International Trade found that those celebrities on TV presided over a strengthen the supervision of the TV shopping ads,soccer jerseys wholesale, strictly control the content, not allowed to host .2010 commercials broadcast movies and television commercials, TV shopping ads, celebrity endorsements, soft advertising in television advertising continue to be the focus of the advertising is still the husband did not know his wife,us soccer jersey, the girls used the product to register at the registration is denied, a bizarre than a Meng Guangmei Then, the identity of presenters,soccer jerseys wholesale, interviews with medical experts in the studio,sale soccer jerseys, and wear a large number of interspersed video Miss Asia champion Guo, the young singer Zhou Yanhong strongly recommended,soccer jerseys, and recommendation. not only in the ads exaggerate the behavior of the product features, and the use of the image of the star and patients do prove relevant provisions, it is clear that a violation of advertising.
Changchun International Trade,goalkeeper jerseys, since the state has introduced relevant laws and regulations prohibit the star celebrity endorsement such ads, you star should strictly adhere to,jersey soccer, and not to entrap the majority of consumers for their own interests and harm the interests of consumers. Meng Guangmei as artists from Taiwan, even more should be the first to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the Mainland,soccer jerseys sale, to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.
Mao Wei speak of the ; consumers com /
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broke the news: ping-pong national champion Wang Nan been pregnant at home to be produced Guoqiang beautiful wife exposure Jin Qiaoqiao response to the SMS door According to Liu Tao, Hu Hui in the intimate photo lovely son photo exposure would also like to Bese has ever been,cheap soccer jersey, Yang Nanshan Guanyin plush family first exposure buy Little Sister son and daughter a recent photo Ye Qian School of Arts graduation photo exposure Zuying childhood Shots Zhang Ziyi the Mahogany cheating boyfriend Touxing Yuan Quan six months Tatu Shots Shenyang offered a song and dance duet school insider CCTV Oprah Dong Qing makeup tour Hong Kong Zhao the Tiger Shoutu ceremony Xu Yajun family photo exposure television prize quiz show fraud Yuet Sin's latest fashion photo,as roma jersey, recognition of (Figure) small Shenyang costume wedding Exposure Jupingjiejie 17-year-old son Ye Qian,soccer jerseys on sale, a lovely daughter,jerseys soccer, a recent photograph exposure the Vicki HuangYouLong praying Praying for small Shenyang funny photo Zhou Yanhong endorsement of the offending ad exposure Sun Yue,soccer jerseys wholesale, the son of a recent photograph exposure of Sun Yue childhood private Shots Zhongxiang presided over 13 illegal advertising exposure Bibi feminine shape according to the exposure age mystery Chin Changchun concert will be postponed insider Liu Chow told Maggie Cheung released courtship the Universal Declaration and crystal five-year-old daughter, little girl,jersey soccer, a recent photograph exposure Gang daughter and foreign spouses exposure Gong Li was the director abandoned 83 edition of the past and present exposure dare to shelling of the Spring Festival of Ten Star Shenyang daughter cf Yang Ercheng Pornographic recent photograph exposure of intimate photo of Zhang Yimou 25 years ago,jersey soccer, family film and television the beard director Wallace and his brother, according to Dong Qing childhood collection according to the exposure of 50 talking heads couple photo according to the big star of the popular former Assistant acted in the MV Luyu leave CCTV insider Ma Jingtao love painting naked women (with painting) 30 CCTV anchor makeup PK Yang Lan wedding exposure CCTV host minority clothing show age of six small children grow up album fame as the ten stand-up comedian star Oprah eat twelve hairpins real reason AIDS relative to competition (Figure) Li Na became the monk theme of the TV version of Red House VS cute animals Mr Andrew worked Zhao write sketches inventory: ten star lawsuits endorsement of the products in question papers published rare Private Shots
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