Interrogation of capital flows

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Interrogation of capital flows

Postby pumma691 » Tue May 15, 2012 10:14 pm

Interrogation of capital flows, income thin footwear - shoes
HC shoe net August 28 hearing, lately, the total price of your footwear marketplace in China rose 20% -30%, while the footwear industry's average profit margin of under 10%. Renminbi The continued appreciation of the labor, land and environmental defense, increasing expenses have to be on the shoe-making enterprises, particularly enterprises OEM footwear fatal blow.
Which under 10% in the profits, even the largest contract shoe Yue Yuen Industrial is to endure. Yue Yuen Industrial is often a world-class Sports activities shoes Brands Nike,soccer jerseys, Adidas's biggest foundries. In mid-August, Yue Yuen industries reported a consolidated initially 7 months this year, complete operating cash flow, net 2.883 billion U.S. dollars,fernando torres jersey, down one.58%; consolidated operating earnings in July this year, a net 4.28 billion a year or three.88%.
Addition for the upstream production processes, the as Nike and Adidas in China's largest retail Proxy Business?? Belle Group initial quarter same-store product sales fell 6% on the month-to-month double-digit decline was also a breakthrough. Agent "adidas" and also the "Nike" brand sports such as Daphne said, because of brand management from the meager revenue, the Group will re-examine the improvement of sportswear plans to focus on Shoes Company.
So Belle in downsizing, in order to curb the decline in overall performance sports brand agency predicament, Belle inside the initially half to greatly lower the quantity of inefficient sport shoes and apparel shops, 346 store off the net, of which 304 shops for second-line brand.All this, the final evaluation, because the shoe trade, margins are thin. Minor shoe sector, so lots of cash began to movement from your other shoe market.
Only 32 many years old this year, Yip, as early as 5 years ago started to get involved actual estate speculators.Second half of last year Monetary Crisis dealt a significant blow to her husband's company, if not a couple of shops, a challenging ten many years of shoe factory should happen to be lengthy closed. "Yip mentioned.Yip recalls that Export Abroad, a sudden drop in orders for leather shoes, machine downtime,cheap jerseys soccer, countless workers have continued to possessor, which makes the plant seem on her husband into a corner.
Bank loans are also no designs at after, they not simply bought our home loan some months Mercedes-Benz cars,fabregas jersey, and also by the civil 6 points greater interest rate loans.Numerous million of 6 points price loans in order that we husband and wife breath, we talk about some pals,arsenal jersey, can't put my residence in Shanghai, purchased numerous sets so you can repay substantial interest loans. Fortunately, a good friend agreed to household the then marketplace price might be purchased, Only a particular working capital.
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Re: Interrogation of capital flows

Postby HAGHA555gf » Tue May 15, 2012 11:11 pm

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