their mobile phone

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their mobile phone

Postby piper332 » Mon May 14, 2012 1:03 am

Infants and young children love animals and is a good thing,isabel marant kids, especially their waving arms smash scene, quite a number of to drop. Now, drop by their chatter about things.

1, father of the computer keyboard: the injured one.

and son look quiet compared to the computer,fernando torres jersey, the son of a small computer began to see the living to Jiudiao several,isabel marant sneaker, but fortunately can be installed on, if he hit it, you can do on the day the storm hit. No way,David Silva, can only hit once or twice a day occasionally.

2,Argentina, father of the computer mouse: an indirect injury.

mouse beside the keyboard, it will naturally be involved,isabel marant sale, they were beaten imagined. No way, Who in this life and keyboard make it a neighbor it? Of course, if the laptop will be a good point,soccer jersey sale, but the whole machine is estimated to be smashed. Or benchtop strong it!

3,cheap jerseys soccer, all kinds of toys: can only say that more injured.

toys in their hands, be no better. Ranging from bite, while in smashing it. But, who told them toys?

4,Andres Iniesta, all the phone: Almost no spared.

these two little guys are playing mobile phone, listen to songs while playing, like a big bite,soccer jerseys, or hit the small. Calculation what was bite their hit mobile phone and more than at least 7-8,soccer jersey for sale, including my one, my wife of two,Thomas Muller, I father of two,Dortmund Yellow Home Jersey 2012/2013, the one my mother,Ashley Young, aunt of one, aunt of one; (Of course, such as brother-sister leave home, their mobile phone, it is difficult to escape,Dortmund Yellow Home Jersey 2012/2013, ha ha)

5,Juventus FC, all kinds of dishes: pacifiers, plastic cups,cheap soccer jerseys, spoons, and Conquers the cover ------ iron, etc., all to see touch, saying: You must destroy it.

6,cheap jersey soccer, my face, and head:

no way to make me hold them, do not let them destroy other things, they are not only directed at honest hands hard the people holding them. The only advantage is that when parents were very comfortable when playing really is painful.

7, look what happened: so slowly grow up to go after my father will hit the TV,cheap soccer jersey, home walls,jersey soccer, windows, etc., hey! Think of all headaches. (Text / ice Yung meet)
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