umbrella isabelle marant

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umbrella isabelle marant

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Early in the morning of November 15 received the Happy China Miao Miao phone, original 16 月亮偷着哭 repertoire in Yancheng, the director wanted the time of the encounter changed my baby singing. I readily agreed, in the South, I want the baby to try the feel of the performance of such scenes. Miao Miao and I am worried that the baby will nervousness, she is, after all,isabel marant baskets, did not participate in such performances, if she can not,isabel marant 2012, on a up, we decided to take with her to go to Yancheng.
did not think things actually happened,isabel marant sneakers, 15 issue of the night, baby a sudden high fever eaten antipyretics rub the body with alcohol, and finally burn drained away , a watch is already four o'clock, and our departure time is half past ten in the 16th early in the morning baby full of warm humming songs, children really do not pretend to be sick,isabel marant baskets! I thought or to play up the phone to the doctor Aunt Lee,isabel marant 2012, nine o'clock we went to the hospital blood test, Aunt Lee said the flu now has 80 per cent of all H1N1 virus came to the hospital to check the blood of my mind at ease a lot of baby only throat caused by inflamed. we had a variety of drugs, for the Yancheng trip ready.
made me did not expect to happen,isabel marant dicker! aircraft to Yancheng,isabel marant sneakers, cold and scary, how the weather in the South even so cold? not only strong winds, are still under a light rain! necessary to perform that night, three in the afternoon but also the rehearsal we went directly to the scene due to wind and rain outside,isabelle marant, I do not let your baby get off to rehearsal, only a bet night scene. I came to the stage rehearsal, umbrella, sung half,isabel marant 2012, umbrellas wind passed over the staff of the stage and an umbrella against the wind turned back. Oh!! my heart fear to worry about the show this evening baby can adhere to?
approaching six o'clock I took the pills for the baby, eight turned out sky from the snow,isabelle marant!! My God how could this be? listen driver Yan master said,isabel marant bottes, this day is Yancheng Over the years the worst weather. I kept in the room looking out the window, hoping to be improved. Yet when we received the crew notice half past eight, came to the scene outside sleet weather, almost pitch-fingers! I wear a cap for the baby hat, wear a cashmere pants, she let her wear the dress of a small sand and we braved the high winds came to the edge of the stage, I am wearing veil floating in the wind Gone with the Wind,isabel marant sneakers, my body shake ah shake like Shaikang when an umbrella is not at all with non-stop rain and blood irrigation to the body, ice rustled people lose touch stop to hear a lot of actors on the stage slips,isabel marant boots, the crew of staff and patient to tell the baby must be careful. in the background I put on the ears of the listener, take off the coat of the body cold, non-stop chattering.
Dong Qing reported that behind the scenes, my left hand holding the hands of the baby's stage, because there will be twelve dancers actor behind us,isabel marant dicker, so we both have to come to the forefront of the stage just up a baby to slip a big somersault, my hand and she pulled up and then followed by a big somersault program down, I have felt when she pulled when she was fall hurts my heart more pain I did not expect the baby even beyond my expectations, a little not nervous, our hands holding tight, wish I could all my heat gave her ah,isabelle marant! from time to time singing and I looked at her face and saw the rain and snow to her fight went to the little face, we say on stage, I just pinched her hand, she will look back at me, I gently pinch, she immediately raised head and laughs at me I was very touched! did not think the baby is such a belief in children, and her performance is really good, we can say the perfect audience of tens of thousands of spectators cheering for her,isabel marant baskets, everyone she touched! I sing the second paragraph, the microphone out of the the problem is not sound. director Na Ying have fallen on the stage,isabelle marant, broke the microphone, but we will leave no stone unturned to make up. us holding hands,isabel marant shoes, the baby actually slipped a somersault,isabel marant shoes, Dong Qing also play touched by the baby, she let the audience applauded again as the baby
I am really proud of her and proud! all about her childhood memories of my childhood did not experience, imagine if replaced by four year-old may not be so wonderful,isabel marant boots!
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