choose a large bright ring cheap soccer jersey

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choose a large bright ring cheap soccer jersey

Postby markpck30 » Thu May 10, 2012 10:17 pm

Long before said to give everyone to share their makeup ~ ,soccer jersey
may be around too much make-up artist friend,
I have been very inferior to that of the own makeup no makeup sense at all ~
But in a difficult makeup way,cheap jerseys, I finally received from the powder Frankie true mass the ~
a few days ago to participate in party, make-up sheep, Mr. smoothly to take some pictures ~
sort out a makeup blog for everyone to share the ~
will not make MM to Cougerenao the right ~
to see how to use smoke to easily create the Tonight party queen
,football jersey, this small, smoky makeup capacity to use part of the cosmetics ~
, the first step: base
RMK is liquid foundation + YSL out crayons + Lancome powder
,cheap jerseys, foundation before, I usually coated the point smath box the ~
such more docile make makeup look more natural ~
foundation is RMK202,cheap jerseys, thin texture, and very docile to
out brushes before a recommended ~ the ~
powder I have been with Lancome's P-01, color is very natural of ~
Beijing air is relatively dry, my mouth is always in a > eyeliner + eyeshadow
sun and the moon, Crystal pencil before we introduced ~
very easy to control, very easy to use ~
close to the roots of eyelashes eyeliner to the upper end of eye, slightly inclined to the on ramp point ~
so make your eyes look charm ~
OK to pull the liner close to the eyelash root of ~
eye shadow is a the annasui Secret Wish eye shadow box, as well as the benefit of the the orbital made a group of black ~
then slowly the eye shadow color to deepen ~
brush gently brush not too heavy, hand-hammer ~
too heavy eyelids children will lead to difficult to see ; plaque smoked ~
, makeup is a very simple makeup ~
the you do not need to know how to color with the ~
like me a lot of dark eye shadow stack brush in my opinion. can also create smoke effects ~
Step 3: End of lashes
of eye make-up, the next step is modified the deficiencies eyelashes ~
, sticky, false eyelashes, MAC # 33 ~
this type of false eyelashes for life makeup ~
party makeup we can choose more thick false eyelashes ~
time-critical, too late to go out to buy the exaggerated false eyelashes,
then glue the two layers existing of false eyelashes,football jersey, the effect will make you very satisfied ~
to make makeup look more natural, I usually painted in false eyelashes the eyelashes cream ~
, mascara ~ to selected annasui the
I really like this mascara, the eyelashes of a feeling of Barbie ~
but if you painted too much, there will be very difficult to see the flies errands ~
Step 4: the blush
wants the whole makeup look more three-dimensional, dynamic and not less Blush ~
blush is the 20th birthday by sending a gift. Anna Sui 302 ~ ~
color Fenfen and tender, very nice the ~
blush when large size brush blush brush over the area will make your makeup look more natural.
avoid repeatedly stacked brush, there would be difficult to see the monkeys ass ~
fifth step: lipstick
lipstick is the last to participate in the Anna Sui party to send a small gift ~
color No. 302 ~
gold lip color is darker, this lighter color lipstick painted in my mouth almost nude color ~
rush back to the trendy, painted this year's hot nude color lip The ~
like MM of the lip on the basis of the nude color lipstick plus point of brightly colored Lip ~
the will make your mouth look more sexy ~
complete makeup look ~
own free outside Zhaqi hair ~
,goalkeeper jersey, with the party, wearing many blingbling trinkets ~
Apart from striking the smoke makeup, accessories is also a major highlight Oh the ~
chose a color gorgeous Bra dress to wear the ~
If your dress is not a Bra style neck complex decorations,cheap soccer jersey, then ~
then choose a finger on a big fuss ~
choose a large bright ring, that tonight you add points a ~
kids yourself to try this look is really simple ~
easily practiced in his spare time the last few times, does not take how long it will be able to win party queen ~
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