Louis Vuitton bag leather

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Louis Vuitton bag leather

Postby Nikebook » Tue May 08, 2012 5:41 am

Louis Vuitton bag leather

Hardware and zipper hardware is an important criterion for judgment. Generally good goods thick bright metal sheen. There are glitches, especially the zipper a good zipper manufacturers feel smooth pull up. Lubrication still chewy.

http://www.lvuittonoutletstore.com/ Good manufacturers use imported glue. Jiang l, less acid. Soon the hardware will not change color. Traces of 1-2 years of genuine general hardware Jiong Xin Craftiness @ faded Super A, Louis Vuitton bags good manufacturers in hardware can also be used for six months or even longer.

Plastic head. Plastic head generally refers to the glued part of the leather strap or Louis Vuitton Outlet dermal incision is generally relatively thick parts in the production process in this part to use glue to stick together. Good manufacturers Jin Koujiao odor more environmentally friendly. looks more transparent, generally transparent red plastic head part looks very muddy. it must not be good? product!
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